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Tuesday May 30th

Kvetching Board for Nov. 18, 2016


v.1 (Yiddish) to complain

If a DTH “quick hit” had said Muslims were filled with vile hate and inner meanness a retraction and apology would have been printed and someone likely would have gotten fired. But of course no one cares about that double standard because it’s just at the expense of Christians.

That fun moment when you’re so sleep-deprived that Microsoft Word has to remind you how to spell your last name. #SadButTrue

Thank you, same four dudes who comment on every opinion piece, for your constant valuable insight. It must feel good to be so influential.

Thank you DTH for showing us it’s okay to push negative stereotypes as long as they’re about evangelicals, and it’s okay to shame people for how they voted if they voted for Trump. I applaud your patriotism (except for the part where freedom from religious persecution and the right to vote how we choose is part of why this country was founded). Despite your ignorant belief that the part equals the whole, there are evangelicals who are not filled with “vile hate” and people who voted for Trump who aren’t racist.

Why can’t you buy cooking materials in small amounts? What if I just want to go in and buy two eggs and a cup of flour?

I was successfully able to register for two classes! #GDTBATH

Sure, when the Pit Preacher stands in the Pit to tell people they’re going to hell, it’s fine. But when I do it, nobody wants to come to my Satanism club interest meeting.

Socks with sandals are cool! I’m cool! Don’t tell me socks wth sandals aren’t cool! I’m also very insecure!

Do I have to go home for Thanksgiving break? All year round, I’m just thankful to be here, and away from home.

To all the kindergarteners touring campus, I really have to get to class! Please move your lil legs to get out of my way!

Just in general, people are too slow.

Got invited to a Thanksgiving potluck and the email said we could even bring Tostinos. What the heck. They are Totinos. Get it right.

Why is not acceptable to wear your jacket in a convenient, comfortable way around your waist? If it’s around my hips, then it’s hip.

I hate when people are on their phones, walking distractedly. I hope you run into a fire hydrant. #spiteful

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