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Sunday February 28th

Letter: ​HB2 affects student athletes too


I read the opinion article, “There is nothing to be gained until House Bill 2 is repealed,” and I found it to be very intriguing. I am a student-athlete at UNC-Chapel Hill, so I am interested in reading about how it will affect me.

I also read this article because I am going to be doing a paper on the HB2 bill, so I wanted to get someone else’s perspective. After reading the article, I feel that the author could have gone into more detail about all of the factors that HB2 is affecting.

The article gives minimal explanation and doesn’t really dive into the specific problems.

Also, this article doesn’t really explain much of what HB2 does to affect transgenders.

The bill is mostly directed toward them and yet the author failed to give much information about that.

So in the end I was left a little unsatisfied from the information I was hoping to gather. I did however enjoy the use of words in the article.

They used words like “bigoted,” “exploits” and “ignorance” to capture their opinion and make the reader fully understand their viewpoint.

Due to the grabbing word choice, I was really drawn in and therefore I wanted to know even more about the subject.

I also thought that the author did a great job at drawing to the reader’s emotions by explaining how the state of North Carolina looks by passing the bill.

It made me embarrassed by it as well.

Makenna Jones


Sports administration

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