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Sunday February 28th

Letter: ​Misinformation is a flawed argument


Mr. Tillotson calls me “ignorant” despite the fact that I have no religious or political affiliation. For the past 20 years, I have defended Israel against anti-Semitic lies and slander. I say anti-Semitic because Israel is held to a double standard unheard of in the world today. I have lived and worked in Israel as well as traveled through Egypt and parts of Syria and Lebanon.

When I first returned from Israel, I was shocked to read all the distortions such as the ones Mr. Tillotson mentions. He uses the word “Zionism” as if it were a dirty word. It is can be equated with that of “Islamism,” minus the racism and oppression the Islamic states maintain towards gays, women, Jews and Christians. Israel is a diverse nation with equal rights for all, regardless of race or religion.

Here is where Tillotson is wrong: Gaza. Israel vacated Gaza years ago. Hamas controls Gaza. Judea and Samara: Israelis transferred power to the PLO/Fatah. Both terrorist organizations vowing to conquer all of Israel.

For the past 60 years, the Arabs have turned down every single peace initiative offered by Israel. Why? Peace is not their objective; the annihilation of Israel is.

Apartheid? Hardly, for the reasons I have stated. Also, Operation Solomon — Ethiopia, 1991. The Israelis rescued and evacuated 14,325 black Ethiopians who resettled in Israel who today enjoy the same rights as all Israelis.

The BDS movement is misguided and misinformed as is Mr. Tillotson.

R. Paul de la Varre


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