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Sunday February 28th

Letter: Republicans are not immune to hypocrisy


Dear David Council,

You remarked that Democrats shouldn’t be hypocritical in regard to their response to Trump’s win. Let me remind you of a few things.

Exactly what did GOP supporters and GOP representatives object to in regard to Obama and his win? That he didn’t outright win, which he did both times?

That he said hateful things toward whole groups of people, which he didn’t? That he was corrupt in any way, which he wasn’t before and during his eight years of office?

Oh, yeah ... they blatantly called him the N-word, called him Muslim (though there is no religious test for that or any office and he isn’t), called him Hitler (though he has no similarities policy-wise) and they hated that he was a Democrat.

Now let’s look at Trump.

Why do many people, not just Democrats, feel threatened by Trump?

Could it be because for the last year and a half we have listened to him spew a bunch of hate towards women, people of color, gays, people of other faiths, vets and anyone who opposes him? Could it be because he has challenged our First Amendment rights by saying any dissenting opinions aren’t allowed? Could it be because literally in his rallies he encouraged people to attack anyone who wasn’t supporting him ... peaceful protesters?

Could it be because he actually insinuated killing his opposing candidate for president?

Now he has picked a bunch of know-nothings for his Cabinet ...including Bannon, an Alt-Right sympathizer ... while saying he wants to unite us. The hypocrisy is thick and undeniable.

Kathy Morgan

Student Services Representative

The Friday Center

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