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Sunday February 28th

Letter: ​This doesn’t have to be our legacy


It’s not often that you can say, as something is happening, that it will be a defining moment in your generation. But that’s what Tuesday night was.

It was a defining moment in our generation. We’ve seen a lot of them in our short time on this earth. We watched our country fall under attack on 9/11. We watched the first African American president get voted into office. We watched as love won and the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage.

And last night, we watched as so much of the progress we’ve made in our lives got stripped away. These next four years will change the course of history. They will set the tone for the future of our generation and the types of people we will be as the leaders of this nation.

Right now it’s setting up to look like (Tuesday) will be the day in history that the great United States of America turned nationalistic and fearful. That we shied away from progress and cowered in the face (of) change. That we chose hate over acceptance, fear over progress and close-mindedness over the celebration of diversity. Right now it’s shaping up to be four years of repeals, regression and racism.

But that doesn’t have to be our legacy. That doesn’t have to be what people remember when they think on this day in history.

Let’s make it the day America woke up. Let’s make them remember it as the day we strapped on our boxing gloves, stepped into the ring and started fighting.

We won’t take this lying down. We as millennials are in a unique spot, just emerging into the adult world. We have the power to change what this election means for our nation if we only step up and fight for it.

Tuesday was a defining moment in our generation and how we react will set the tone for the entirety of our adult lives. A darkness was cast over America this past week. Let us be the light.

Meg Donlin


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