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Tuesday May 30th

The Kvetching Board for Nov. 4, 2016


v.1 (Yiddish) to complain

I made the mistake of RSVP-ing to the Obama rally for Hillary. Now I am deleting 30,000 of her emails.

I still can’t tell which is longer: the line to see Obama or the line to get Alpine around 10 a.m.

If you are stupid enough to wear a cowboy costume complete with a “Wanted” sign AND break into dorm rooms, attend Duke.

Apparently, you can play for an esteemed varsity basketball team, assault women, garner 1K wins for your coach (who will remain nameless) and get away with anything!

So I couldn’t kvetch a profanity when I was in school, but I can now? That’s a load of bullshit!

I am basically the left projector in Murphy that doesn’t work because there isn’t a light on inside at 8 a.m. the day after Halloween.

Because of the print quality in the DTH lately, the solution to the previous puzzle is now a puzzle.

It’s sexy when people use big words I don’t know when cramming for plant biology at my table in Davis. Also, I photosympathize with your plight.

I have a hard time believing that EVERY SINGLE Sudoku this year has been a 1. For those of us whose self-worth is defined by our ability to solve level 4 puzzles, this year has been a disappointment indeed.

To all the tall people blocking my view of President Obama but still complained about me jumping up to see ... yeah, fuck you.

Donald Trump is not a Nazi, technically.

If Trump wins, prepare for all the hate on democracy for all of 2017.

Don’t get me wrong, I love democracy, but I’m happy that N.C.’s mail-in voter registration deadline was last Friday so I can walk to class without being asked five times if I’m registered to vote at my current address.

The election is almost over. The election is almost over. The election is almost ovveeeeerrrrrrrr. No more Trump (hopefully).

Dear DTH, your Obama pictures were good, but you should fire whoever wrote the extended caption in Thursday’s paper.

Dear bicyclists, I know saying “on the left” is polite when passing someone on the left. But since that phrase always causes me to jump left as you’re passing me, can you pick another one?

Can I complain about big swings in temperature from morning to afternoon, even when we keep having 75 degree days? Yes.

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