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Saturday April 1st

We asked UNC students how they feel about 'Space Jam'


Michael Jordan might have been named MVP five times, but his biggest accomplishment was starring in the greatest movie ever made: "Space Jam." Today marks the 20th anniversary of the live-action animation, and it only makes sense to celebrate. To celebrate the anniversary, we asked Tar Heels about their feelings and memories associated with the iconic '90s flick.

Martha Bennett, right

First-year journalism public relations major

“I grew up watching ‘Space Jam.’ Both my parents were Carolina grads and my brother is into basketball so I watched it growing up. The past year my hip hop group did a ‘Space Jam’ dance and we got the jerseys and everything. It got me really excited to come to Carolina. The soundtrack is very iconic, so every time my family went on a road trip we had it. I can remember the order of the tracks because I listened to it all the time.”

Alex Ballard, left 

First-year undecided major

“It’s a childhood classic. I wasn’t much of a sports guy growing up so I watched it more for the Looney Tunes. I remember I had a class in elementary school — whenever someone had a birthday we’d play the song because my teacher liked it. We even had this whole dance routine.”

Cody Hayslette 

Junior Exercise and Sport Science major

“I thought it was a really good movie. I watched it like a million times growing up and had a VHS of it. I was pretty into basketball, so Michael Jordan was awesome in it and Bill Murray is hilarious. Cartoons are always fun, so it’s good for everyone, of all ages."

Anna Kester, left 

Junior biomedical engineering major

“I like the movie and I dressed up as one of the characters for Halloween last year. I was Lola, the girl bunny. Michael Jordan went to school here and also was in the movie so I thought it would be cool to dress up.”

Gabriel Mathews, right 

Junior global studies major

“I have nostalgic memories of it. We used to watch it as kids growing up. I’m not too good at it, but I like playing basketball, and Michael Jordan is awesome and Bill Murray is awesome and the Looney Tunes are great, too.”

Alyssa Teague

Senior communication studies major 

“I adore it. I used to watch it a lot when I was younger with my family. I enjoyed it a lot. I like the fact that they bring real life and the animation together."

Ash Heffernan 

Sophomore dramatic arts and communications double major

“I’ve never seen ‘Space Jam,’ but I definitely feel like Michael Jordan being in a movie is iconic and funny at the same time. Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny is so great — like I sound sarcastic, but I can’t imagine a better duo. ‘Space Jam’ is something that still gets brought up as a cultural icon; it gets brought up in songs, memes. It was one of the first to do the athletes in movies thing — I feel like that was a trend for a while. Anything that has to do with Michael Jordan is obviously very important to this school. Wait, that means UNC has movie star alumni. How many people do you think have watched ‘Space Jam,’ but have never watched a game with Michael Jordan? I feel like many sports people have watched ‘Space Jam,’ but there’s a large group of people that have watched ‘Space Jam’ and don’t watch sports.”

Amanda Black, right 

3rd year grad student in musicology

“I’m pro any movie that mixes cartoons and actors.” 

Sarah Tomlinson, left 

3rd year grad student in musicology

“I think 'Space Jam' is great. It’s an important part of my childhood, for sure. A lot of nostalgia.”

Kadedriah Davis

Senior psychology major  

“It was a really great movie. Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny — you can’t (get) much better than that. It also just brings back good memories from childhood.”

Cierra Baldwin 

Junior peace, war, and defense and African, African American and Diaspora Studies

“It’s hands down one of my favorite movies due to the incorporation of real life characters and animated characters. Plus, the great Michael Jordan. So, it’s an all-around great movie.”

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