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Saturday October 23rd

How the third NCAA Notice of Allegations to UNC differs from the first two

The NCAA's third Notice of Allegations for UNC-Chapel Hill was released Thursday, and Athletic Director Bubba Cunningham said he's never seen this many notices on one case. Assistant sports editor Blake Richardson compared the three NOAs and found that the latest notice differs from the first and second ones in a few key areas. Here are the six biggest differences.

Accusations span longer

The fifth allegation in the new NOA says the violations occurred from the 2002 fall semester to the 2011 summer semester — just like the first notice. But in the second NOA, these allegations don't start until the 2005 fall semester.

Football and men's basketball return

After being removed in the second notice, football and men's basketball are back.

The two sports are reintroduced in the first allegation of the most recent NOA after being omitted in the second notice. Women's basketball is mentioned in the Boxill allegation and was present in both prior NOAs.

Interestingly, the first NOA mentions all three sports together in the fifth allegation, and this is the only place where football and men's basketball are mentioned. Yet in the third NOA, football and men's basketball are named in the first allegation but not women's basketball (which is named in other places in the NOA, but not with men's and football). This is also the only place in the third NOA where football and men's basketball are mentioned.

Nyang'oro and Crowder and fake classes

The first allegation of the third NOA names Julius Nyang'oro and Deborah Crowder as the people who maintained and administered the fake classes for the African and Afro-American Studies Department, but the first and second NOAs do not directly implicate Nyang'oro or Crowder in facilitating these courses — only alleging they impeded the NCAA investigation.

All three NOAs mention wrongdoings by counselors in the Academic Support Program for Student Athletes (ASPSA). In the second NOA, this allegation is from 2005 to 2011 (and it's listed as the fifth allegation — not the first). But in the first and third NOA, it's from 2002 to 2011.

The first NOA alleges the University allowed 10 student-athletes to graduate with independent study credit hours exceeding the 12-hour limit. This is not explicitly mentioned in the second or third NOA.

Boxill's accusations widen

While all three notices allege Jan Boxill was responsible for improper academic assistance — like writing parts of papers for student-athletes and proofreading essays — the first NOA is more narrow in scope than the latter two.

The first NOA accuses Boxill of providing extra benefits from 2007 to 2010, citing six specific examples. But the second and third extend the timeline from 2003 to 2010 and each list 18 examples of wrongdoing. 

Nyang'oro and Crowder charged with unethical conduct

The latest notice says Nyang'oro and Crowder are charged with unethical conduct. While the first and second NOAs said the two individuals violated the principles of ethical conduct by not helping with the investigation, neither said they were charged with unethical conduct.

Individuals mentioned at the end

The third NOA is the only one to include a list of "Individuals Who May Be Mentioned in The Factual Information Chart."

This list includes 55 people: 11 former women's basketball players (the names have been redacted; there are no men's basketball players or football players on the list), 12 current or former faculty members and eight current or former coaches from football, men's basketball and women's basketball.

Men's basketball coaches Roy Williams (head coach) and Steven Robinson (assistant coach) join women's basketball coaches Sylvia Hatchell (head coach) and Andrew Calder (assistant coach) as the only individuals on the list still coaching at UNC.


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