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Wednesday March 3rd

Letter: ​Nazi propaganda does not belong here


This morning I was disturbed to see that someone had used a whiteboard in the Undergraduate Library to advertise a neo-Nazi website.

Responding to a survey question about which newspapers they read, someone wrote this website’s name.

I will not repeat that name because I do not want to give it additional free advertising.

To be clear, I am not simply labeling it Nazi propaganda because I disagree with it. It glorifies Hitler and promotes a race war.

I notified the library staff, who agreed to erase the whiteboard, but it did not feel like enough.

Since at least one of our fellow students thinks a neo-Nazi website is a valid source of news, it is worth considering how Nazism draws people in and why you should reject it.

Here is how Nazism works — when you feel alienated and isolated, it whispers reassuringly that your failures are not your own. It gives you an easily-identifiable target, then presents that target as a powerful global conspiracy.

Conveniently, you can destroy this powerful conspiracy by attacking the most vulnerable members of society.

Nazism lets you imagine yourself as a misunderstood victim while you harass, beat or even kill innocent people.

It tells you you’re reclaiming your power, but all it makes you is a coward. It makes you complicit in hate crimes.

It asks you to threaten other people’s safety — and even their lives — and all you get in return is a perverted sense of pride.

Lindsay Ayling

Graduate student


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