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Saturday September 25th

Column: Blood and money and ego


Mejs Hasan

What’s the game plan? It’s a question on many a Muslim’s mind now that Donald “Dip Bullets in Pig’s Blood” Trump prevailed. I’ve heard defiance and fear. However, here’s a new tack — that we Muslims lose our superiority complex.

I’m talking about the adult Muslims who sniffed when I came of age to donate blood. Muslim blood shouldn’t mix in the general blood supply, they lectured. Immoral consumers of alcohol might receive it.

They pursed their lips if I wanted to support UNICEF: Oh, so now Muslim money was going to feed hungry non-Muslim children?

How would we feel if Christians spoke like this?

Four University of Pennsylvania Muslims met in 2007 for a sisters’ study circle and wondered how to ensure their charity money only went to needy Muslims.

One of these girls posted on Facebook, following a terror attack, the well-known Quranic saying that “he who kills one person ... is as if he had killed all of humanity; and he who saves a life will be as if he saved the lives of all humanity.”

She echoed the Muslims plodding onto CNN to explain terror attacks are not in our name — Islam says whoever saves a life has saved all of humanity, they plead.

But some of these Muslims should add: This applies to neither my blood nor my money.

To our credit, many Muslims reject this. There’s the UNC Ahmadiyya Muslim Student Association which holds a blood drive yearly to honor 9/11 victims. Fun facts: Saudi Arabia bans Ahmadiyya Muslims; the U.S. sold at least $1.29 billion in arms to Saudi Arabia in 2015.

In summer of 2015, following arson attacks on multiple black churches in the South, young Muslims raised at least $100,000 to help.

Then, out looms the Orlando shooter’s dad, who claims he never told his son to be violent. Fine, but did he raise his son to believe his blood, money and life were worthier than his non-Muslims neighbors? Did this wormy bedrock invite the future decay of extremist violence?

It would be nice to talk about this with other Muslims. With friends who already agree with me, it goes well. Other times, people get really defensive ­— like when you accuse people of being racist.

If you ask these Muslims outright, they will emphatically agree that all humans are equal. But then they drop comments in every day conversation, and you have to wonder.

I thought about writing about this during the election season, but I was afraid readers considering Trump would think Muslims are crazier than they’d expected, vote for Mr. Pig’s Blood and hate crimes would increase. Well, it all happened anyway and now we can’t wait anymore.

My fellow Muslims: Protest this. If you’re too meek to speak because people will shriek that your Islamic faith is weak, just blame me. Tell your imams, parents and everyone that I’ll be writing columns like this until they change their tune.


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