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Tuesday May 30th

Kvetching Board for Jan. 20, 2017


v.1 (Yiddish) to complain

Alas, it appears we are doomed to another semester of level 1 Sudoku puzzles. So much for a fresh start to a new year ...

Betsy DeVos, Trump’s nominee for Sec of Ed, says guns should be allowed on schools to keep kids safe from grizzlies. Now there’s a politician who respects our right to bear arms against bears.

It’s only the second week of school and I’m already so tired that I tried to unlock my room with my car remote. It didn’t work.

A Kvetch to a Mazel: I have written to the town of Little Switzerland, NC requesting they hold a “Ryan Switzer Day”, with keys to the city and a grand acknowledgment for his love of Carolina, his joy and extraordinary athleticism. Join me by contacting Little Switzerland, NC. May their phones ring off the hook and we blow up their inbox. What a great wedding gift and send off. If that doesn’t get their attention, Vladimir Putin, if you are reading The Daily Tar Heel, you know what to do!

Not funny: DTH publishing a photo of Linda’s under the heading “Bye, bye business”. Way to make us read the article!

I would really love it if TAs didn’t make us write and then share it with other people. Someone made fun of my handwriting and now I never want to write anything ever again.

My coworker hit me in the face “on accident” and the lawsuit I’m “accidentally” filing will hit her in the face tomorrow.

I’m a second semester senior and I just dropped a class because I walked all around the recitation building and couldn’t find my classroom.

I love The Bookshop. Barnes & Noble can rot in hell for all I care.

My professor told me I “looked awake” as a compliment and I’d never felt so flattered.

My boss asked me to congratulate him for going 24 hours sober and I didn’t know how to respond ... Eventually, I asked if that was a difficult task for him and he said it wasn’t, it had just been a while.

Should I buy a tiny polaroid camera? Would it be worth it to take polaroid photos and then photograph them with my iPhone to post them on Instagram — just for the whimsy?

Gluten-free pretzels are pretty good. Give them a try, UNC community. I find them better than regular pretzels; fight me!

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