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Monday January 24th

Letter: ​An effective strategy to create world peace


There is a very feasible strategy we can take as humanity so everyone can enjoy world peace. The first step is to prioritize saving all the poorest people on earth first who are in need of clean water, food, basic health care, education, safety, etc. These people’s lives are in constant danger from lack of resources. Almost 783 million people lack clean water access and 2.5 billion lack adequate sanitation. 85 percent of the world lives in the driest half of the planet. In 2000, the price of providing everyone in the world with clean water was estimated at a mere $10 billion a year.

Currently, almost 800 million people — one in every nine people — go hungry each day. Poor nutrition kills 3.1 million children each year and nearly half of all deaths in children under 5 years old. Many of these people live on less than a dollar a day. People in developing areas of the world die and suffer from preventable infectious diseases. 5.9 million children die under the age of 5 each year ... (and their leading causes of death are) pneumonia, birthing complications or diarrheal diseases. As of 2015, out of 214 million cases, 438,000 die each year from malaria.

It is time we create a volunteering program built into our education and careers to save these people both domestically and abroad by addressing and solving these pressing and reasonable concerns and create a system that works for everyone. The volunteering program would be required of everyone, all over the world, as a structured part of the system to unite nations and people.

The programs we have in place now like Peace Corps and AmeriCorps are like putting a Band-Aid on a bullet wound and are overwhelmed and ineffective. This new program means a way out of these world problems on both sides for good as the constant inflow and outflow of volunteers would put the brakes on all these out of control issues, like poverty, clean water, health care, etc.

Additionally, this could be the big break people were looking for, as an opportunity for workers and professionals to independently use and share their knowledge to develop every industry and market under a common organization and keep up the modern-day standards that make corporations popular.

People could then use all these talents and knowledge to develop brands where the majority of profits don’t go to CEOs, but are rather distributed fairly, ideally giving everyone in the world the opportunity for an education and lucrative professional career. This program would create competitive jobs in every market and industry for both those serving and those being served so everyone enjoys a great standard of living. Every side wins!

This opportunity would let us modernize our country here and abroad to create a globally interconnected community.

The excess profit from this organization can be used to address all major social concerns like health care, environment, education, infrastructure, etc. Smart cities would create new infrastructure. A digitally distributed education with an internationalized curriculum would ensure everyone had a world-class education, state-of the art schools and that intellectuals are protected.

Rotations in culturally diverse areas would allow people to see the world and create a respectful atmosphere, bridge gaps between cultures and create peace. A focus on preventative medicine and nutrition would mitigate large health care costs.

Freedom from older business models would mean easier lifestyle careers including greater maternity leave, more lucrative salaries relative to people’s hard work and education, incentives for health and exercise and shorter workweeks for everyone.

Keeping the organization environmentally conscious with a focus on sustainability means we could unite the world in controlling our environmental impact and hope to live completely guilt-free. A leadership committee model is less bureaucratic and endorses a more collegial, supportive environment with a culturally inclusive mainstream and ample opportunities for everyone. Transparent salaries and policies would reduce any local corruption ensure everyone enjoys the gold standards as long as people met the system and volunteering requirements.

Greater opportunities mean more socially-driven business leaders to create jobs that provide better benefits while making a positive impact on the world around us. Local talent and artists would achieve more unique, creative and classy businesses and architecture with modern technology standards rather than endless similar strip malls.

Creating world peace means creating a world where there is equal opportunity for everyone and everyone is treated as equals, so we can all enjoy a better, brighter future together as an interconnected global community. Is there anyone willing to speak up about this glaring emergency on our campus?

I would if people finally decided to wake up.

Arnab Sarha

Class of ‘09

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