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Friday December 3rd

Life in London: blogging through time studying abroad

<p>UNC students currently studying abroad in London pose for a group photo. Photo Courtesy of UNC Faculty.</p>
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UNC students currently studying abroad in London pose for a group photo. Photo Courtesy of UNC Faculty.

I think the plethora of clothes may reflect more on my aversion to laundry than anything else. Which, turns out, is justified, since people in London do not use dryers. In fact, I’ve been told they are a “luxury.” Therefore, I’ve done what any sensible person would. I’m putting off laundry for as long as possible (2 to 3 weeks?) until I have so much that drying it will take up our entire living room. My flatmates will love that.

But you didn’t come here to read about my laundry (I hope). No, you’re here to learn about Life in London. Yes, it is alliterative on purpose. No, I couldn’t think of a better name. Yes, words that start with “l” are cool.

So what is this blog, exactly? It’s a way for me to publicly share my failures, triumphs, travels, tips (OK, I’m done alliterating) and experiences while I study abroad in London this term. It’s sort of like a travel blog and mostly like a way for me to embarrass myself. I want to bring you (friends, family, the internet) along with me on my adventures. I’ll also be posting regular updates on the status of my British accent and tea addiction (both are coming along quite nicely, thanks).

I’ve been here about a week. I’ve almost gotten over thinking all the cars are self-driving because the driver is on the opposite side of the car than I expect him to be. I’ve narrowly missed death by looking the wrong way before crossing the street. I’ve become accustomed to giving myself away as American every single time I open my mouth. I’ve gotten asked for directions (twice!) and sort of knew how to help. I’ve been asked (repeatedly) about Trump. And I’ve seen just a taste of all the amazing things that London has to offer.

I’m Meggie, and this is my Life in London so far. Stay tuned next week for a detailed analysis of Weird Things British People Do, followed by a report on Life Without Netflix.


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