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Tuesday December 6th

There's snow food like snow day food

<p>A runner circles the snow covered track around Fetzer Field in Chapel Hill, NC, on Jan. 7, 2017.</p>
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A runner circles the snow covered track around Fetzer Field in Chapel Hill, NC, on Jan. 7, 2017.

Snow down south is a big deal, y’all. Whether it’s just a light dusting that doesn’t even stick or the Snowmaggedon, the entire state of North Carolina shuts down. There is no in between. The roads will be salted, the plows will be out and every grocery store will be sold out of milk and bread.

As college students, this means one thing: no class. We can finally sleep in and at least attempt to make up for some of those late nights in Davis.

But this wintery weather means a couple of other things, too, like snow football in Kenan, Netflix marathons in bed, artsy, snow-covered Old Well pictures and sledding down Skipper Bowles Drive on whatever you can find in your dorm (hint: just use the Department of Public Safety signs as a four-person luge, but you didn’t hear that from me). 

It has been a snowy weekend here in Chapel Hill! #GoHeels

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Getting the ~timely~ Alert Carolina text that non-mandatory operations are suspended brings nothing but joy to students at UNC, until the dreaded reality sets in that the dining halls may not be open.

So, for next time, let’s hope your mini fridge is stocked full and your drawers are overflowing with Kraft Mac & Cheese and Ramen noodles — otherwise you may be in some trouble.

But fear not, just collect the simple ingredients for these dorm room delicacies and you’ll be all set for the next Snowpocalypse.

Milk sandwiches

This is a winter storm classic. There’s a reason every grocery store sells out of milk and bread first, and it’s for this traditional cold-weather dish! All you need is a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread and you can feed your whole suite. Just pour the milk on the bread and you’re good to go. Bone app the teeth!


In elementary school, you were the coolest kid in class if your parents packed you Lunchables. Not much has changed in college, because if Lenoir closes, you’ll be the coolest kid on campus too with these in your fridge. My personal recommendations are the pizzas and the nachos, because let’s be real, we don’t really know if that’s ham or not on those crackers. 


Homemade nachos

If the roads are icy and you can’t quite make it down to Monterrey in Carrboro, then I recommend my signature dish: the microwave nachos. All you need are tortilla chips and a bag of shredded cheese, maybe even a little salsa if you’re feeling crazy. Now this is where it gets tricky. Put the chips on a plate, sprinkle on some cheese, microwave it and enjoy. 

Any panini/toasted sandwich

If you’re having trouble satisfying your Panera addiction in the snow, you may need to invest in a George Foreman grill (or any other knock-off brand). Fill your fridge with different deli meats, cheeses and assorted toppings and wait for the perfect snow day. If it snows long enough, you might get enough experience to pick up a part-time job for the semester. 

Microwave omelet

If you’re like Leslie Knope or Ron Swanson, you can’t survive without breakfast food. If Rams shuts down, you’re definitely going to need a new way to get your daily morning omelet  Luckily, you just have to crack two eggs in a mug, add a tablespoon of milk, mix it up and pop it in the microwave. After one minute, you can take it out and add any toppings you want, like meats, veggies or any other goodies and then microwave it for another minute until the egg is cooked. 


Breakfast burrito

Sticking with the breakfast theme, you can switch things up a bit and easily make a burrito. Microwave the eggs the same way, then heat up a tortilla and cheese and roll it all together. Feel free to add salsa, avocado or any other toppings to spice up your morning. Even though it’s microwaved, it’s still guaranteed to turn out better than any breakfast burrito from a McDonald’s or Taco Bell. Something about eggs from Taco Bell just doesn’t sound right.

Hopefully by the time you’ve made your way through all of my delicious, quality recipes the snow will be over, the roads will be clear and the dining halls will restore order to campus. If not, make sure you’re on the lookout for my next cookbook in Student Stores.


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