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UNC, please make more dorms like ‘Smart House’

"Smart House" was kind of scary, but we'd be down for the technological upgrades. Photo taken from Bustle

"Smart House" was kind of scary, but we'd be down for the technological upgrades. Photo taken from Bustle

This is mainly because of my mom.

My mom and I are extremely close — like Lorelai and Rory close (and yes, we did watch all of “Gilmore Girls” together because mother-daughter bonding).

This past weekend was my mom’s birthday, so I went home.

And while I do know how to do laundry and heat up food, I am a spoiled millennial who makes my mom do things for me. Sorry, Mom.

But being at home made me realize how much I miss having her while I’m at school.

This is where the Disney Channel Original Movie “Smart House” comes in.

In case you’re unaware or not a film buff like me, “Smart House” is a movie about a boy named Ben living with his dad and sister after his mother’s death.

Because he doesn’t want anybody replacing his mom, Ben enters a contest to win a smart house that will do all of the mother-y stuff for them.

And since this is a Disney movie, he wins the contest.

After the family moves in, the dad starts catching feelings for the woman who programmed the house (thank you, Disney, for empowering women in STEM).

Ben doesn’t like this and decides that the most logical way to make his dad stay single forever is to program his house to be a literal 1950s housewife. Because that makes sense.

The house then goes crazy and does this weird tornado “I’m your mother now” thing that was basically the scariest thing I had ever seen as a child.

Spoiler alert: STEM lady saves the day, the house goes back to normal and Ben probably grows up to be that guy in “Her.”

But the scary tornado scene and how it impacted my childhood are not what I want to focus on.

Instead, this is a call to action.

I want “Smart House” technology in the dorms.

I want to be able to just ask for a smoothie and have it show up on my desk.

Or if I had a (secret) pet in my room, my Smart Dorm would be able to play with it while I’m in class.

I want an entire wall devoted to playing my favorite music video while I jump on my dorm room bed, probaby upsetting my roommate in the process.

So please, UNC Department of Housing and Residential Education, I’m begging you, if you have the knowledge and the ability, make Smart Dorms a reality.

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Let us have a quasi-mom when we’re away from home (but please leave out the scary tornado business — I don’t need that in my life).