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Tuesday May 30th

Kvetching Board for Feb. 17, 2017


v.1 (Yiddish) to complain

Alt-Righty you think we suppress your views?! Shut up with that bullshit! How about you try getting murdered and then come talk. - Sincerely, Not Helping

When the only bae who gives you flowers on Valentine’s Day is Carolina Dining Services, which happens to be your most stable relationship.

To the person who left half a red velvet cupcake and a glass of water in a bathroom stall at Ram’s Head: why?

Contrary to popular thought, posting a sign explaining why Phillips Hall is without air conditioning does not make my back any less sweaty.

Genocide is not a “contrary opinion.”

DTH- Lose to Duke by eight and you call out Joel for missing two free throws? Now I understand why ‘remediation rates are high on college campuses.’

It’s pretty easy to put our basketball team on a pedestal, but when it comes down to it, they really are just like us. (By which I mean they’re equally bad at making free throws.)

On the upside, I feel better about my decision to watch the game at home instead of on Franklin Street.

Grayson Allen is the worst. Grayson Allen is the worst. Grayson Allen is the worst.

Coach K is a rat and I don’t care who knows.

Apparently the adjective “global” is a lot like “humble.” If you have any prayer of the word applying to you, you won’t use it.

This state is brought to you by tobacco, hogs and icicles in your back sweat.

My co-workers should stop judging and laughing at me playing a fan-created version of ToonTown during this time of crisis.

So we should call the police if we see a cartoon saying “bash the fash,” but it’s totally cool to just let the government threaten our international friends? I am so glad the University has our back.

My dream of being a high school dropout crashed thanks to UNC.

Thanks DTH for reminding me that we had Chase Rice for Jubilee last year. Please, please, CUAB — do better this year.

The school year is a wash. My life is a wash. I just want to drink and watch shitty anime for the rest of my life.

Nothing matters. Nothing Matters.

Is it Spring Break yet?

I miss not being in a constant state of fear. I miss being happy to be a citizen of this country.

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