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Thursday January 20th

Letter: ​Alt-right letter rife with false complaints


Dear Chris Watson:

You identify yourself as an alternative right sympathizer and in your letter to the editor complain about all us “lefties” and “intellectual do-gooders” suppressing your alternative right views.

That, my friend, is total B.S. That is a tactic that you and your sympathizers have used for a long time.

We “lefties” or “liberals” fully endorse your freedom of speech. Remember we are the ones who embrace the Constitution and all the freedoms it allows citizens in our country.

However, your side, my dear, is the side that tries to divide people, tries to insinuate some are not as equal as others, and tries to destroy our democracy, our view that all are equal, all have a voice and hate is not the way to go.

Your side touts less government, but in the same breath, wants government to rule and censor everything including media and our private lives so only your warped view emerges and our rights are destroyed.

I really wish that all of you would spend a couple of years in a country like North Korea or China, where dissenting opinions and protesting can get you in jail, assaulted and/or killed. Then you will truly know what it is like to live in a country with leaders who share your views.

Kathy Morgan

Student Services Representative

The Friday Center

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