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Saturday August 13th

Letter: Religious values split our political parties


In the DTH editorial “For God or Party” you ask “if there are clear lines in the sand for Christian religious leaders” as they decide whether or not to stand with the Republicans, and specifically with President Trump. I can think of two very distinct lines for many committed Christians.

First is abortion; the belief that at the moment of fertilization a human soul is created, and to abort any embryo at any stage of development is to murder an infant. Any candidate who approves of the right to choose has crossed a line and needs to be defeated.

The second is any departure from strict heterosexuality. Christians, by the way, are not the only religious group that believes that same-sex couples are inherently sinful, and to extend any legal recognition to LGBTQ rights is a step away from moral society.

I don’t agree with either of these positions, but I have known sincere people who hold these beliefs and vote accordingly. What I for one want from them — and for believers in any religion — is that they have the freedom to draw lines in the sand for themselves as individuals and within their religious communities, but not try to consider their lines binding on me or others who have a different, or even no religious faith.

Joe Swain Jr.

Class of ‘77

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