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Tuesday May 30th

Kvetching Board for March 3, 2017


v.1 (Yiddish) to complain

So who would have guessed that our system President would have more balls standing up to Republicans than the Chancellor? Dear Carol, leadership requires commitment to, you know, stated principles and stuff.

Seriously people, if you have any stupid thing you do that you know in your heart jinxes our Heels, please do not do it until after this weekend. To my roommate, if this means wearing your underwear from tonight all the way through the weekend, do it. I won’t mind.

Seriously white boys, I don’t want to go blind. Even if it is 80, keep your shirts on for the sake of all of our retinas until you have a chance to tan over break.

When a new friend says Neil Patrick Harris was a better Count Olaf than Jim Carrey and you can’t decide whether to stick it out and show them the light or bail out.

Can everyone here PLEASE stop being so engaging, well-adjusted and gorgeous? Falling in love three-to-five times a week doesn’t make long-distance relationships any easier.

Dear UNC HR, we don’t need an expensive glossy flier ‘splaining the value of our benefits. Many better ways to spend that promotional $$. smh.

Ah, Springtime! The season of romance, unseasonably warm weather and thirsty, thirsty kvetches.

On one hand, it’s somewhat alarming to watch Student Government collapsing. On the other, it’s an amusing distraction from watching the actual government collapsing; so ¯\_(* u * )_/¯

I wish I could be perpetually high and pretend that life doesn’t exist.

People thought today was my birthday but it wasn’t! I’m just hoarding birthday balloons like a celebration-inclined dragon!

Everything is getting worse.

All my younger friends’ parents are sending them midterm care packages, and I just want my parents to know that you can email me a single sweet potato for pretty cheap!

Sucks that for every article that mentions “Moonlight’s” Best Picture win, “La La Land” will inevitably be mentioned as well ... it doesn’t need anymore attention tbqh.

I wish Carol Folt would send us an email clearly written by her and her alone, maybe including her favorite color and snack.

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