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Tuesday May 30th

Kvetching Board for March 31, 2017


v.1 (Yiddish) to complain

As a staff member, my favorite kind of professor is the kind who won’t look me in the eye or acknowledge me. My second favorite are the ones who do but assume I’m an idiot.

Seeing Luke Maye is now the only reason I still attend my 8 a.m. BUSI class at the B-school.

I know I missed the official university town hall that asked “what would make you stay awhile [in the student stores]”, but here’s an idea: Stop jacking up the prices. I’m not going to stay ANYWHERE very long if batteries cost $7 for a four-pack.

“What are timeouts?” - Roy Williams

Now that April is right around the corner, the DTH should start printing a backsweat severity forecast along with the daily weather.

Just wondering if the Music Department (or whoever is in charge) will make sure there is a bell ringer in the Bell Tower on Saturday and Monday evening should fate smile on the Tar Heel boys. Would be nice to hear the carillon again, especially since it has been silent all year.

You come to a prestigious institution for higher learning, and you’re worried about a place to nap? What are you, in kindergarten?

To the person who left yellow liquid at the bottom of Fetzer locker 119, I hope that was Gatorade. Either way, bring a sponge next time.

Ah, springtime at UNC. Where pajamas give way to stained T-shirts and glorified boxer shorts. Seriously people, have you seen how people dressed here back in the day? Have some respect for yourself and your observers.

The NCAA still sucks.

So last NCAA finals, we went from resignation to elation to total despair in less than a minute. Seriously Roy, don’t do this again. Our hearts can’t take this shit.

Alright, damn it, alright. I promise to you I will go see “Get Out.” Enough already.

I hope Game of Thrones is taking its sweet ass time coming up with a new crappy orange king that treats women like dirt and gets roasted like pig on a spit by Daenerys’ dragons before she finally ascends the throne. Valar Morghulis, Agent Orange.

Partial repeal of HB2. North Carolina dipping into the pool of 21st century civilization one little toe at a time.

People are actually driving to Arizona for this game. Win or lose, the drive home will definitely be brutal. Go Heels! Go home!

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