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Friday December 3rd

Letter: ​House Bill 2 has gone on for too long


I have read so much on this unjust bill and how it came about from the fearmongering of the Conservative side who based it on no factual evidence, (and) feel that granting the basic right of using the restroom you identify with is some sort of threat to girls and women. This notion and this law ... stemmed from hate basically.

Here’s the thing; I personally know a child, who is ten, who is biologically a male, but (identifies) as female. This VERY brave young girl has so much potential as an athlete and a young woman. This child, and I remind you a child, looks like the typical girl­ — ­very cute and bubbly. But it breaks my heart to think that this young person, who not long ago decided to identify by the gender they internally feel, will be adversely affected by this rule and future hate-filled legislation toward anyone who is identified as different.

As the law stands, she would have to use the boys restroom or try to find a generic restroom. If you think that other kids and adults who have known this child for a while won’t notice, you’re wrong. If you think all will be tolerant of this child and her choice and won’t verbally and possibly physically harass this child, you’re wrong because life has shown us and is showing us that hate-filled, bigoted and homophobic people are out there and have actually become more empowered by the talk from the ultra-Conservative side.

I ask those who support this legislation, I dare you to walk up to this child and children like her, or young people and adults, and explain to them how they are a threat to anyone. I dare you.

My one wish is that the young people who are turning into adults, who tend to be more open-minded, become very active in reference to fighting the rising hate movements. Remember the Constitution starts with “We the People,” and that means ALL people, therefore all people have equal rights.

Kathy Morgan

Student Services Representative

The Friday Center

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