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Friday December 3rd

Letter: ​​You don’t need a degree to succeed


In response to “Opinion: We generally love college, but not at this moment”: I believe the timeless adage “You can be anything you want to be when you grow up” is a reasonable truth, but should be followed by “as long as you work hard toward your goals.”

I disagree with the editor’s belief that one has to spend several years at a prestigious institution in order to make it far in life. I know many people who did not attend any schooling after high school and are content with their lives, and others who have prestigious degrees and high incomes who are very unhappy. 

...Yes, some occupations such as that of an astronaut require extensive years of competitive, grueling education, but shouldn’t we hold certain occupations to higher standards? 

The route to success does not have to include college and grad school, and if it does, then that’s great. The truly important things in life are family, health and happiness, regardless of education and income.

Sam DeSantis


Computer Science

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