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Sunday November 27th

Column: Support the DTH even when it's not basketball season


Editor-in-chief Jane Wester

First of all, thank you. To everybody who waited in line for a Daily Tar Heel last week, who came back the next day after we ran out, who brought us exact change — thank you. Championship week was so much fun, and seeing everybody’s enthusiasm for the DTH made all of our hard work entirely worthwhile.

Along with the rest of the DTH staff, I spent a significant portion of last week working the sales table in the lobby of our office, handing out papers to a seemingly never-ending line of patient and loyal folks. Meeting people who cared enough about the DTH to stand in line was the highlight of my week.

Later in the week, I loved seeing how many people paused on their way out of the office with a championship paper to pick up that day’s paper. We do make one every day, and at least 80 percent of the effort and stress that went into Tuesday’s edition goes into every DTH you see around campus.

Not every week is going to be championship week, and that’s OK — our hearts couldn’t take the stress of watching the game over and over, and our bodies couldn’t survive on so little sleep for long.

But I would love to see even a piece of the community we created during championship week stick around.

I’ve emailed with a lot of readers in the past week. Please keep writing. We want to be a resource for your questions, and we’ve got a staff full of people who make themselves students of all kinds of issues around campus — not just men’s basketball.

After the championship, I reformatted our editorial page just before deadline to include a midnight letter from a reader celebrating “Them Heels. Our Heels.”

Send us more letters. We accept them via email at or through our letters-to-the-editor form.

Whether you want to promote a cause, feel the need to praise or criticize a DTH story or just have a comment on something going on in the world, we are happy to amplify your voice. My favorite letter so far this week was about how many chains 2 Chainz wears. The letters section is an open platform.

If you’re a current or incoming UNC student — graduate or undergraduate — and you would like to help make the next historic paper that everyone and their aunt will save forever, our fall application opens July 1. You don’t have to be a journalism major — I’m not — and we occasionally have pizza.

Finally, we are a free, nonprofit newspaper in a town where a significant part of the population considers itself pretty broke. If you have some change left after buying championship T-shirts, if you believe good journalism is key to every town’s democratic process, if you want to help us out and make sure we’re still here the next time UNC wins the tournament — we are grateful for every bit of support.

This is one form of social action that will be immediately and locally noticed, if that's what you're looking for.

The DTH hasn’t accepted University funding in almost 25 years, and we’re not about to start now.

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