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Tuesday September 28th

How to grind these finals out

<p>North Carolina defensive back Zach Goins (24) prepares to run out of the smoke filled tunnel. Photo Courtesy of Zach Goins.</p>
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North Carolina defensive back Zach Goins (24) prepares to run out of the smoke filled tunnel. Photo Courtesy of Zach Goins.

Grinding some coffee in the office? Can’t do it without me.

Stressed out and grinding your teeth? I’ll be there.

Now I’m gonna share a little bit of my knowledge with the world, so we can all come together and grind during these last two weeks and make it through finals in one piece.

For the final time of the 2016-17 school year, Zach Goins Productions is proud to present: “Grinding for Non-Athletic Regular People: The Major Keys to #FinalsSzn.”

Major Key #1: The Setup

The key to a great mental grind sesh is picking the right place to study. As a student-athlete, I usually head over to the Loudermilk Center to get my grind on, but if I feel like signing a few autographs I’ll wander over to Davis. Maybe lesser-known athletes like my man J. Jacks or Joel can get away with studying in Davis since they aren’t very recognizable, but I just get swamped with fans anytime I step foot in there.

If I had to suggest a grind location for a NARP (non-athletic regular person) to get down to business, it’d be the little desk in the Union with the treadmill under it. That way, you can break a physical and mental sweat.

Major Key #2: The Spread

Everyone knows you can’t perform without fueling your body. Student-athletes are always eatin’, but we stay hungry 24/7, baby. That’s why you have to bring snacks whenever you grind.

Find the perfect balance between junk food to reward yourself with and real food to actually keep you alive. And don’t forget to bring your green Gatorade bottle so you can squirt water into your mouth from a distance like all the coolest athletes do.

Major Key #3: The Soundtrack

If you really want to grind like a student-athlete, you’ve got to get yourself psyched up. Start listening to your favorite jams a minimum of two hours before you hit the lib, so you’ll reach maximum hypeness by the time you actually crack open those textbooks. I’m not just talking about any old song either — they have to be certified bangers. Just ask yourself, “What could Kennedy Meeks possibly be listening to all day with those Beats on his head?” and go with that.

Bonus tip: The Spotify playlist “Movie Scores Study” is my go-to when it’s grind time.

Major Key #4: The Studying

All right. Now that you’ve prepared yourself as much as possible for what’s about to happen, it’s time to actually get down to business. Don’t forget to use all the techniques you’ve learned in practice to help you push through those late nights.

Why not turn that 2 a.m. walk of shame from Davis to the UL into a jog of shame? Burn a couple extra calories. My final advice is simple — don’t be afraid to reward yourself with the occasional study break and watch an episode of “The Office.”

Work hard, play hard, baby.



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