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Monday April 12th

Letter: Vote in Carolina Dining Services poll


Like our favorite people in the Pit, I am going to ask y’all to get out and vote (seriously though, respect to them). 

However, unlike those people in the Pit, I am asking y’all to vote for an issue that could directly change the UNC experience forever. Carolina Dining Services are going to run a poll to determine the demand for breakfast potatoes vs. tater tots vs. both. 

To vote in this important upcoming poll (date to be announced), all you have to do is follow CDS on Twitter (CDSatUNC). 

To me, the most qualified candidate in this poll is both. I think this for two reasons.

First, by voting for both, everyone, no matter what their preference is, can be assured that their favorite potato breakfast product will be served. I do believe the current Carolina campaign’s slogan is “For All Kind.” It is time to walk the walk.

Second, by voting for both, we can finally stop the people who incorrectly refer to tater tots as “potatoes.” If both were to be served, each food would have to be called by their proper names. As a twin, a part of me dies on the inside when I get called my brother’s name. We mustn’t allow this transgression to also affect the tater tots.

Please, let your voices be heard. By making a single vote, you can help make this university a better place.

David Oakley



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