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Friday June 9th

Letter: Actively hold Congress responsible


Late last year, I was out with a couple of friends and we saw a man with a shirt that said on the back “Want to know when my AR-15 becomes an assault rifle? When you try to take it away from me” with a picture of the gun along the side. 

In Florida, someone didn’t take Cruz’s AR-15 away and look what happened. 

This is the country we live in. No one tried to take it away and it still became the weapon of a mass school shooting.

Reach out to your Congress and don’t just give thoughts and prayers. 

Our leaders need to take action and not justify MURDER with mental illness. It has nothing to do with the fact that people can get their hands on weapons like this!!

If they don’t do anything about these gun rules we have, this is bound to happen again and again.

Contact your congress, reach out, I beg you. 

We cannot keep losing innocent children like this. 

Sending them to school and not having them return home that afternoon. I am 16, so were some of the people that were killed on the fourteenth. 

You don’t know who could be next. What school could be next. 

Change won’t happen unless our leaders hear our voices and do something about it. A child’s right to go to school and come back alive everyday is far more important than your right to keep a gun like this.

Nicole Mayer


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