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Thursday October 28th

Letter: Reversing climate change starts with us


Climate change and global warming are issues that affect the world and will ultimately determine future life on Earth. 

Humans are to blame for this past century’s rise in warm temperatures due to the use of gases that float up to the atmosphere and trap heat known as greenhouse gases. 

Our president doesn’t believe in global warming even though it’s continuously proven to exist and it’s now up to the people, to act now and try to curb levels of climate change and decrease the amount of greenhouse gases produced. 

There are many easy ways to help by changing small things you do everyday, such as eating less red meat. 

Just by eating less you’ll decrease the amount of gases produced in the United States by slaughterhouses. 

Another way to help the environment is by not using products that come in pressurized cans because they contain ingredients that are known to expand the hole in the ozone layer. 

Trump recently lifted a ban on offshore drilling that prevented searching for oil in arctic waters. 

This will poorly affect the lives of many animals that need those waters to survive and will increase the chance of oil spills. 

Please help the environment and act now.

Nicole Mayer


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