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Sunday October 2nd

Letter: The Resistance is a sham


Yes, I said it. The predominate social movement that has arisen to combat the right, one that has taken Twitter by storm, is a joke, and here’s why: they don’t actually resist. 

While the inception of the movement may have been on the grounds of large social and political change, it has descended into the realm of incessant Twitter hashtags and making childish remarks about Trump. 

Yes, I understand the President is incompetent, for reasons we should all be well aware of by now, but will making fun of his spray tan really change the hearts and minds of America? 

Will remarks about his hair or his vocabulary actually bring about the institutional changes to the United States that are necessary to keep this from happening again? 

The movement has been hijacked by a combination of tabloid gossip and those obsessed with the man himself. 

This has created a toxic brew that stifles political discourse, and turns the political high ground previously owned by the opposition into a “he said-she said” swamp. 

If you want people to believe you, don’t insult them. Convince them. 

If we lose sight of universal healthcare, education, environmentalism, de-nuclearization, racial and gender equality and care for the poor/sick, then we lose our advantage. 

If we get caught in the mudslinging, we play right into the hands of the right. 

Resist by voting and assisting politicians who will combat these chronic issues, not by spamming social media with glorified gossip.

Shawn Gillooly

Political Science


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