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Saturday September 18th

Letter: Taking time off college does not reflect laziness


I am referencing the article published Wednesday, March 6 written by Mitra Norowzi on school debt. This article mainly discussed how students are dropping out or finishing college with large amounts of debt, that they are sometimes unable to pay for. I found this article very informative and interesting and I wanted to offer a connection I found. 

Recently, my English 105 class discussed how today's younger generations, including ours, are criticized for being lazy and having everything handed to them. I believe this article it is just one of the many examples that shows how hardworking our generation actually is, contrary to what the baby boomer generation thinks.

I believe that older generations have little authority to discredit us because twenty years ago, college tuition was significantly less and students didn’t have to stress nearly as much about how to pay for college. Today, students are not only working to get an education so that they can find a job, they also are constantly stressing about how to pay for college, which affects their mental health and their ability to learn. Students are also expected to have higher levels of education to be qualified for the same job that older generations have, and are less qualified for.

Taking time off of college, whether it be for financial, health, or other reasons does not reflect a lazy character on student. The burden falls on us to work our hardest and to do the best that we can in the present. 

Erin Tevis



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