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Tuesday October 19th

Office DJ: We're bringing it back, y'all

When I was 6 years old, my brother and I wrote an incredibly realistic musical about two siblings who both happened to be professional ice skaters named Skatie. 

The Skaties got into all sorts of hijinks when their parents went out of town, which was reflected in the title song, “Our Name Is Skatie (We Have the House to Ourselves).” That will always be my favorite song, but I’m relieved to say that I’ve broadened my musical horizons since those days. 

I don’t really think I’m too cool for anything, and my music taste reflects that. I will go to my grave insisting that Kenny Loggins is a genius, and, yes, a song from the brilliant TV show, “Smash,” does appear on this playlist. What can I say? I dig failed shows about fictional musicals. 

My music is eclectic because I need a song for every mood. Sometimes I’m on an emotional high that only The Beach Boys can match and sometimes I just want to cry in the shower to Joni Mitchell. I’m okay. I promise. 

If this playlist seems all over the place, that’s because I try not let go of my past musical phases. I still listen to Avril Lavigne and The Kinks as a tribute to my angsty teen days. I love John Lennon because he reminds me of the two years in high school when I wore anti-war buttons on my backpack and thought shoes were a social construct. Music lets me time-travel back to my cringey past lives, and I think that’s beautiful. 

I hope this playlist helps you get to know me. I’m the Assistant ACE (arts, culture and entertainment) Editor this year — I’ll still be writing for the desk, though, so you’ll see my name if you’re a fan of a cappella profiles and the like

Office DJ was a DTH tradition a couple years ago. We want to bring it back because we want you to get to know your newsroom. We’re not just over-obsessed journalism nerds who put out a paper — we’re a motley crew with a variety of interests. Maybe listening to my music will let you learn mine. 

Also, I had a goldfish in middle school named Mariah Carey. But that’s a story for another day. 

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