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Saturday January 22nd

Wondering what to do if the hurricane hits? We've got answers.

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Although Hurricane Florence was upgraded to a Category 4 on Monday, the National Hurricane Center said the hurricane likely hasn't reached peak intensity yet. Chapel Hill may be hours from the coast, but state officials are warning citizens not to underestimate the storm. The Daily Tar Heel answered your questions to make sure you're prepared for whatever Florence brings this weekend.

What foods should I have on hand?

At time of publication, UNC has not said whether or not Carolina Dining Services will stay open during potential inclement weather. Focus on non-perishable foods in case of power losses. Things like cereal, peanut butter, bread, trail mix and canned foods should tide you over.

Where can I get water?

If you didn’t make it to Target in time to snag water, you can stock up by filling whatever empty containers you have around and saving it. Bottled water can be purchased on Amazon in a pinch, but it's not a perfect solution in the event of any road blockages. Instacart delivers grocery orders within two hours, although be aware the website uses local grocery stores.

How do I prepare for power outages?

Prepare for a power outage by keeping all devices charged. If you have portable chargers or external batteries, make sure those are charged. During a power outage, unplug all electronics to protect from potential electric surges. 

Apple doesn’t release official battery capacities of its phones, but be aware that different activities use different amounts of battery. If you lose power, turn on Low Power Mode and turn off Background App Refresh and Siri to save battery. To make a MacBook charge last longer, use System Preferences to turn on Energy Saver settings, dim the screen and close background apps. 

What do I do in case of flooding?

Make sure you’re receiving inclement weather alerts from local news stations and Alert Carolina. Have a plan of where to go if flooding occurs. Be prepared to be stuck inside during a flood: assemble drinking water, food and medical supplies. 

If you have a car, make sure the gas tank is full. If you do have to evacuate, unplug your electrical appliances and move them to as high an elevation as possible. Store any important documents in watertight containers. If flooding is occurring, avoid driving unless absolutely necessary and don’t drive through flooded roadways. Never try to walk through a flood.

What should I do if I'm trapped in my dorm?

The Red Cross has a Hurricane App that notifies people of your location if you need help. This could also be a good opportunity to catch up on your homework.

What should I do if a tree damages my car?

Take pictures of your car before storms start and photograph any damage thoroughly. If your insurance covers damages caused by weather, file a claim as soon as possible. Make sure your car’s registration and insurance documents are kept dry. Try not to park under trees or power lines. If possible, park in a garage.

What should I do with my pets?

If you have pets, make sure to bring them inside during heavy storms. If you are leaving Chapel Hill, find a friend who can shelter your pet if necessary. If you choose to leave your pets outside, have a picture of them on hand for identification if they get lost.

What do I do after the hurricane passes?

If there was flooding, check what areas local authorities have declared safe to reenter. Don’t drive or walk through standing water. Throw away any spoiled food and check if local authorities say that tap water is safe to drink. Check for damages to any belongings and file insurance claims if applicable.

Then it’s back to classes for you!

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