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Thursday January 20th

Read the transcripts of calls the Chancellor's Office received after Silent Sam fell

UNC Chancellor Carol Folt and Randy Young, media relations manager for UNC Public Safety, stand by the steps of South Building after a fire was put out on the Davie Poplar Tree. Photo Courtesy of Rachel Bridges.
Buy Photos UNC Chancellor Carol Folt and Randy Young, media relations manager for UNC Public Safety, stand by the steps of South Building after a fire was put out on the Davie Poplar Tree. Photo Courtesy of Rachel Bridges.

After Confederate monument Silent Sam was toppled on Aug. 20, Chancellor Carol Folt's office received over 100 calls regarding the event, many from concerned alumni and N.C. residents who were upset about the statue coming down. 

The Daily Tar Heel obtained the transcripts of these calls, along with emails and voicemails. The full transcript, as The Daily Tar Heel received it, is listed below. 

Robert Hawkins (NC Resident) 

Appalled! Lawless students, non-responsive police force told to stand down while others were being assaulted or threatened. Would like information on where the monument is being secured and what plans are being made for its reinstallation. 

Bryan Gillette (alum) 

Why did the Chancellor not install a fence to protect the monument until the situation was resolved? UNC brought this on themselves with a lack of action. Allowing the censorship of history; this is not education. Withdrawing UNC from his will. 

Ms. Woolen (NC resident) 

Suggests that protesters be prosecuted. Today Silent Sam, what will they decide to hate tomorrow? Will we allow them to tear down the Smith Center because they have a grievance with Dean Smith? Will they decide to set fire to the campus? This is not an environment of learning for our children. 

Unidentified Voicemail 

Angry that she received my personal voicemail (redacted) and didn’t really expect to have an opportunity to speak to someone. Fifteen family members are Carolina graduates. Appalled at the stance UNC is taking on last night’s actions. What is next?

Unidentified Caller (resident of Atlanta GA)

Stated that he spoke with “Twiddy” who is a police officer that was on site last evening; confirming that they were understaffed to control a crowd of nearly 300 people, CH Police only sent six officers to assist, stand down order came directly from the Chancellor. These actions indicate the Chancellor’s lack of concern for the safety of the campus community. She needs to remember that NC is not a blue state! UNC is now Berkeley South. 

David Walker (NC resident) 

Inquiring as to whether the University/police are planning to prosecute those involved in the destruction of Silent Sam. Very interested in receiving updates from UNC. 

Unidentified from Langston AL 

No police response? Really! The rest of the country is getting disgusted with North Carolina’s liberal actions. 

Unidentified from New Jersey area 

Complete setup. The protesters had this well-planned and the cops played right into it. Participants should be held accountable, students disciplined. Is this how Chancellor Folt uses taxpayer dollars?

Unidentified local resident 

UNC condoning mob-rule. Disgusting situation. Leaving Chapel Hill. 

Rich Finkelstein (former UNC parent) 

Appaling! (sic)  A real blemish on the University. Where was law enforcement? Embarassing (sic) that UNC basically condoned these actions by not taking action. What is next?

Kim Rodriquez Dickens (NC resident) 

Unhappy about statue coming down. Student protesters should be dismissed from school

Daniel Field 


Andy from South Carolina 


Kathleen Haddock (redacted) 

Why was this allowed to happen; (redacted) 


Rule of law - inmates have taken over the asylum. Typical of a school that would make up classes, disgusting. 

Stevie Williams 



Really disturbed about toppling the statue 


Woke up to the news - the cops let a group of anarchists take down a historic monument!?

John Marnell 

Know what to do, statement about issue of student safety, public structure - unacceptable and disgusting. 

Unidentified outraged alum 


Dan Waters (alum) 

Disappointed at actions, mad at police not acting on the situation, no more donations


file a complaint and prosecute the protesters; current students should face honor code 

Cindy Smith (redacted) 

Concerned about students being allowed to tear down the statue 


Questions what was done by security to allow 250 ppl to just walk in. What type of disciplinary actions are planned? Video tapes?

Joanne Hartley 

How disgusting, home (sic) she (Chancellor) is going to do something about this.

M Woodard 

Putting UNC on notice - federal crime, confederate monument protected. Suggest prosecution, firing police officers. Needs to be rectified immediately. President is a Yankee that allowed this to happen. UNC is part of the problem. Demanding statue be put back; threatening students responsible; wants call from University Counsel by EOB. 

Don W (alum ‘81) 

Outraged. No more money coming to UNC. Demanding CLF resignation. 

Phil Summerell 


Steve Kamin (Voicemail) 

Complaint regarding destruction of Silent Sam, never donating again, promises never to pay off student loans. This is an attempt to destroy history. 

Julie Barnes 

Historical preservationist, upset at students’ behavior

Unudentified (sic) 

Tell the chancellor all students involved should be prosecuted 


Very upset, people who tore statue down should be prosecuted. Alums should stop giving money. Are they going to tear down the Planetarium?


North Carolina concerned citizen that would like updates from UNC on the situation. 

Robert Lee West 

Upset and disturbed by destruction of Silent Sam, make sure chancellor knows he called. Concerned, angry at type of violence. Wants more information on instructions given to police officers. 

Henry Temple 

Disturbed and sad about what happened. Don’t re-erect it, bad message. Called for a police security plan for future. How can he help? Most people want history preserved. Opening a floodgate of similar actions. University should expel students but cannot financially. 

Grandparent of Current Student

Mob rule is unacceptable. Someone will get killed. Expecting everyone involved to be charged. Threatening students involved. 

Robert Mullins Stanley (NC) 

Sons of confederate veterans in Stanley NC. Disdain is terrible, not following state law, out of hand. 

Timothy Flynn

Would appreciate email from chancellor. Students should be expelled, passivity on part of UNC sends message. Encourage reviewing photos and videos. Criminal act, red (sic) up with fascist kids. 

Kent Hassell (alum from Georgia) 

Intend to write an email to CLF/DD, iconic history is destroyed. 

Barbara Perryman 

Disappointed in CLF response. Could have called the national guard; should have done something to protect it. 

Thomas Carol 

Disappointed in actions of administration; police didn’t interfere


Voice opinion re: CLF’s comment, hope that something happens to protect southern heritage. 

Vic Knight?

Bunch of tools up there 

Unidentified alum 

Received official email; did not like message. History cannot be changed, ANTIFA to blame. Upsetting. 


Concerned citizen who is afraid to go to doctor’s appointment 


Discouraged by students destroying history 


Police did nothing 


Angry caller


UNC will not receive money moving forward 


students should be expelled

Susan (TX) 

What are the consequences for students who participated? Why didn’t the police act? Must have action or there will be backlash. Demanding followup. 


This is the reason children don’t attend UNC, because racist. Correct decision, disgusting - obviously planned. 


Calling to express concern; why aren’t the police doing anything?


Extremely aggrevated (sic) by actions 

Joann Higger (NC resident) 

Does not understand how this can be allowed. Is something being done?

Unidentified alum 

Removing UNC from will if message does not change - traitor presented opening remarks for dedication are racist, angry that stance isn’t against monuments racist message. 


Like to see something soon. School’s responsibility to put it back. 

Ron Spencer 

Watching videos, upset about what is happening on campus. 

Dwight Goodman (David County NC) 

Concerned about Silent Sam. Called campus police. Need to figure out why people were not arrested. Can’t just take down statue with historical value to NC, not about slavery. 

Dorian Jones*

Calling in reference to Silent Sam. Would like to donate to restore the monument. Please email chancellor’s message. 


Why is university administration complicit with radical communists, allowing to destroy public property? Threatened that I am in danger. 


Concerned about lack of police action. 


Daughter considering UNC; forwarded this call to Student Affairs 

Allen Kelly (alum) 

Upset that vandalism happened, will not contribute to UNCCH 

Matthew Locke 

Where is the statue? Has no connection to UNC. 

Chris Lampman 



US Congress recognized confederate veterans. Students know nothing. 


Concerned about Silent Sam and wiping out history 

Ellen Panichello (Raleigh NC) 

Disgusted with students. Who will replace that statue?

Robert Arnold 

Would like updates as they are available. 

Williams Casey 

Concerned about the situation. Threatening...women should not be allowed to have positions. 

Rep. Larry Pittman 

Furious; lack of effort to stop this from happening. 

Benjamin Harris ‘95 

Open dialogue about decision not to remove statue, decision to leave it up led to it being torn down. 

Nick Dolores 

Travesty of justice, violated the law. Appreciate email update and prosecution of students involved.

Cumberland County resident/business owner 

Severing ties with UNC and stopping all donations.


Terrorism should not be allowed, prosecution must happen. School is complicit. 


Press charges, these are thugs. Outrageous. 

Unidentified film, arrest/prosecute.

Rodney Hamrick 

Daugher (sic) is an alum. Put the statue back, suspend or expel students. Embarassing (sic). Fear for safety. 


Violators should be held responsible, laws were broken. 


Put it back up. Make sure protesters are arrested. Caller’s family fought in the war. 

Unidentified double graduate

Living historian, representing ancestors. We must protect Silent Sam, upset it was allowed to be torn down. Expel students. Current season ticket holder will boycott games. 

Jerry Jackson (Elizabethtown NC) 

Despicable! Requesting updates. 

Jonathan Lin 

No more money! 

William Patterson 

What is the process?

Williams Farley 

Calling to express outrage


Lodging complaint about the destruction of Silent Sam 

Robert Stout 


Jay Casey 


Rusty Rentz

Appalled at last night’s actions

Chris McQueen

Interested in explanation of “stand down” order. If another group were to threaten vandalism would the same order be given? If so, then the chancellor is guilty of committing to unequal protection under the law. If not, then there is no rule of law. 


Tell Chancellor Folt that something needs to be done! 


Trying to decide what to do. Mob mentality is not ok. 

Brian Cook (St Louis MO) 

Condemning violence. Confederate descendent. Expel students involved. 


Considering UNC, watching news reports

Steve Eisley (Burlington NC) 

Wants to buy the statue since we cannot protect it. 

Jim Clark 

Heads to roll, no excuses. Cops told to stand down? Great statue that was hurting no one. Very angry. 

David Hahn (New Jersey) 

Outraged, worried that we are opening ourselves up for more violence by not taking action supported by law. 


Appalled! Called the Dept of Justice and his state representatives. We cannot sanitize history. People at UNC need to lose their jobs over this, students should be dismissed, police reprimanded, and no tax dollars to UNC until this is rectified. 

Christy Huffman 

Alum; upset students were able to do this 

Michael Blackburn

No faith that UNC is protecting his children

Jill Haney 

(redacted) We need to prosecute violators. 


Hopes that someone will burn the University down; disgusted that police did nothing 

Cynthia Rabil 

Furious that (redacted) is still in school here; wants her prosecuted 


Accused EW of being a racist, disgusting, not able to answer questions. 

Barbara Anderson

Don’t let students destroy property

Rose (from Arizona) 

No need to respond. Expressing her disgust as (sic) the statue being taken down. 

Lonnie Dickens

Horrified and disgusted former faculty member. When will it be put back up? Are we seeking prosecution?

Rebecca Mills 

Disgusted. Are you going to let them tear down the Old Well?

Shawn Fisher

Wants to know if students will be prosecuted. 

Jann Genson

Need to prosecute. 

Gerald Excell

Why did chancellor allow the statue to be taken down?

David McGowan

Upset and disgusted. Where were the police?

Angela Sherrill 

Why no action? Can’t allow destruction of public property. Indicated that Kate Luck hung up on her last night and demands to speak with her supervisor. 

David Baker

Why were students allowed to do this?

Arthur Hamilton

Students should be prosecuted. 


She will show up in a mask like they did (threatening). Sick of students tearing down statues and police doing nothing. 


Wants information on when statue will be restored

George Worley 

Can’t believe we allowed this to happen

Wyatt Dunn

Mayor of town outside of Charlotte NC. Concerned. 


These aren’t protesters, they are a mob! They act like children. CLF needs to come out stronger against these actions. 

Darlene Schadt 

Embarassed (sic) that liberals have taken over campus 

Joann Hager 

Something needs to be done


File charges! Should expel students involved 

Jay Callaham

Disgusted, need to examine name Tar Heels

Diane Williams

Should put up another statue beside Silent Sam to balance the political scales

Gerry Kirkland 

Outraged, wants people responsible to be prosecuted


Disgusted. Children attended Carolina. Faculty are behind this. No need to respond. 

Sam Prince (Mt. Airy) 

“Pissed off!” Legislature should cut funding to UNC 

Dawn Nettleton (Texas) 

Liberal children taught by professors that they can do whatever they want. 

Catherine Casey 

Chancellor needs to come out stronger against this. No need to contact. 

Mary Marvella

When will students be arrested?


Johns Hopkins scholar who will NOT be attending UNC after this mess


Have students been arrested? If not, when?


60-year old fan sharing concerns. History is history, need civil conversation and statue back in place. 

Unidentified Male with caller ID “Sarah Klingler” 

Threatening call, demanding receptionist’s personal information and stating that the person would be quoted in the paper. 


Not focusing on the danger of students, not focusing on legal ways to state statue is dange; (sic) not meeting with students/community, not representing NC - be more moderate 

Mother of a “full ride” graduate

Let hisotyr (sic) of nation go down the drain; southerners are not racist; upset alumni; didn’t realize that chancellor was a woman. 

Joe Gehris (Indiana) 

Suggested that Silent Sam be moved to the Gettysburg Museum; great piece for discussion about history. Louis Rodgers is the superintendent of the museum (redacted) 

Phil Morris 

When will students be arrested?


Family connected to UNC. Disgusted by destruction of statue. Launching efforts to have conservatives discontinue donations to UNC. 

Unidentified Parent of Student

Calling to support students who took it down. 

Ralph Morsebacher

Taxpayer from Pennsylvania, served in Vietnam, wounded veteran. Wants US Government to revoke Pell Grants to UNC. 

Ann Chapin 

Disturbed by student government condoning violent behavior, concerned as a parent of a prospective student. 


Disgusted. Students should be expelled. No reason for behavior. Police did nothing to stop it. 


Losing a lot of Tar Heel fans, show who the people are. 


Concerned about safety of child. What are we doing about it? Child texted that they were scared. Blood is on our hands. Chancellor is self-promoting but doesn’t deserve the death penalty. Students are scared.

Michael Simpson

When will the statue be put back in place? 

Chris Graham 

Honored students of our University 

Kevin Holder

Concerned about level of security and distractions with what is happening on campus. Parents sent children to learn/get education. Take better care of our students. 


Note: Office of Board of Trustees received 25 additional calls but none of note Meredith has nearly 102 voicemail messages which we have yet to document. 

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