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Tuesday March 28th

Column: A letter to a far away four-legged friend

As I wrap up my first seven weeks here at UNC, I took some time to write a letter to my dog, a feisty miniature schnauzer named Argo, whom I miss dearly, back in Texas.


I can’t believe it has been seven weeks since I left our house in Plano, Texas to come to Chapel Hill. I swear, it feels like I have been here for a lifetime. So much has happened.

Since I got here, I have walked more than ever and climbed more stairs than I thought possible. #HoJoCalves. You probably would like the walks, but, man, the bus is my best friend. I have already met some amazing people who challenge and inspire me, and I am looking forward to meeting new people along the way. Classes are tough, but they’re supposed to be. So, I have to hustle. 

I mean, college is great and all, but some crazy stuff has happened. In the first two weeks of being here, I saw more Confederate flags than I ever saw in Texas. Oh yeah, we also lost a week of classes because of Hurricane Florence. I stayed here, I kind of wish I had gone back home to see you, but I had fun with some friends in Chapel Hill. Talk about a “whirlwind” experience, am I right? 

I live in the library, usually studying/praying for Econ 101. If I’m not there or in class, I am probably in the Bottom of Lenoir burning up Plus Swipes on Sushinara #WhiteSauce. Also, I have only tripped on the bricks twice since arriving, and I only tripped down the stairs outside the Union once. So, yeah, I am pretty proud of myself. It’s the little things. 

I miss having you around, Argo. But don’t worry, every time I call Mom she begins by updating me on your life. I’m glad to hear you still stare out the window “guarding” our house, sleep in Mom and Dad’s bed, and eat a ridiculous amount of Pup-Peroni. She did tell me, though, that you’ve started waiting outside my room for me to come back. I’ll be back soon, I promise. 

There are so many trees here, you would love it. I remember on our walks, you would stop at every tree like it was the first time you had seen one. Given, in Texas, trees are few and far between. On another note, I see so many puppies around campus, and there are a lot of cute pups. None are as cute as you, of course, but close.

Argo, you always made me happy regardless of the day I had. College is some of the most fun I’ve had, but it’s also pretty hard. Sometimes all I want is to just sit in the backyard and hang out like we used to. Still, whenever I see you on my phone’s home screen, my day is instantly made better. I can’t wait to be reunited in person in January. 

Much Love,


P.S. Happy late Birthday! Six is the new four!

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