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Saturday December 4th

Word on the Street: What's your favorite SpongeBob episode?

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The recent passing of SpongeBob SquarePants’ creator, Stephen Hillenburg, due to ALS represents the end of an era for the many teens and young adults who grew up watching the escapades of SpongeBob, Patrick and their grouchy neighbor, Squidward. Whether it be the classic moments, unforgettable quotes or obscure references, the show has garnered laughs from millions since it began airing in 1999.

Staff writer Nick Thompson asked UNC students what they remember most about the show starring everyone’s favorite yellow fry cook.

Sophomore Riyad Sarsour. Photo by Nick Thompson.

Riyad Sarsour

Sophomore computer science major

“My favorite episode has to be the one where he is given the hall monitor’s hat by Ms. Puff. My friends and I just stumbled upon that one and we love just chanting the 'WEE-WOO' sound Patrick makes. It’s dumb, but it gives us a lot of laughs,” he said.

Sarsour said the saying has become something of an inside joke with friends, and is something that has brought them closer.

Senior Kevin Beardsley. Photo by Nick Thompson.

Kevin Beardsley

Senior music performance major

“It’s important that I get this right, but definitely the bubble-blowing episode where Patrick looks up and sees the giant bubble that looks like an elephant and says 'IT’S A GIRAFFE,'” he said.

Beardsley said that trying to pick a favorite moment from a show overflowing with so many memorable bits was extremely difficult, even comparing it to parents being unable to choose which of their children they love the most.

First-year Mykel Yancey. Photo by Nick Thompson.

Mykel Yancey

First-year biology major

“I think my favorite episode has to be the one with the 'HASH-SLINGING SLASHER,' that whole episode is great and it kills me every time I see it,” he said.

Yancey said he constantly makes references to the show in his various group messages with friends.

Psychology major Henry Cutting. Photo by Nick Thompson.

Henry Cutting

Psychology Major

“My parents never let me watch SpongeBob, so I have fond memories of watching it at friend’s houses and feeling like I was getting away with something,” he said

Cutting said only being able to watch the show secretly in spite of his parents only added to his enjoyment of the show, and made it that much more of a memorable part of his childhood.

Graduate student Marc Brunton. Photo by Nick Thompson.

Marc Brunton

English & public policy major

“I started watching the show a bit later in life with my sister, but hands down the secret box episode is the funniest thing I had ever seen at the time,” he said.

Brunton said watching the show with his sister brought them closer together, and that the quotes from the show are almost an extension of his vocabulary at this point.

Senior Peggy Mullin. Photo by Nick Thompson.

Peggy Mullin

Senior environmental sciences major and former DTH staffer 

“When I was little, I sang the "Jelly-Fish Jelly" song from the episode with the industrial complex all the time. I sang the song and danced for my family at parties and before big dinners, and I had such a good time. That memory means a lot to me,” she said.

Mullin said her “performances” were always the height of family gatherings, and looking back on what some would consider an embarrassing memory, she said she bears no shame.

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