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Thursday February 2nd

Welcome to Carol Folt's $4.25B Memorial Meme Stash

This meme, posted by UNC student Johnny Petela to the Facebook page "Carol Folt's $4.25B Memorial Meme Stash (UNC)," garnered more than 1,000 likes in less than 24 hours. Image courtesy of Petela.
Buy Photos This meme, posted by UNC student Johnny Petela to the Facebook page "Carol Folt's $4.25B Memorial Meme Stash (UNC)," garnered more than 1,000 likes in less than 24 hours. Image courtesy of Petela.

 A Facebook meme page created by students for students might just make your day.

“Carol Folt's $4.25B Memorial Meme Stash” is a Facebook group with over 13,500 members. It is a closed group, which means that people have to send a request to be added. Once approved by one of the page’s administrators, the fun begins.

This group has five rules: “don’t be a jerk, keep content UNC related, no promotions, try to offer original content and do not use the FB report tool.” Simple enough. 

The page serves as a place for students to come together and laugh at mutual frustrations and relatable issues.

“I like the ones where it’s something that’s so easy and something that’s so relatable, but you just don’t think about other people thinking about it too,” said Johnny Petela, a group member. 

Petela posted a meme last night about a train that runs through Carrboro, and how it disrupts his sleep. 

The idea began when he was laying in his bed and texted his friends to see if they heard the train, too. When they responded that they did, he did the only natural thing — he made it into a meme.

The result was an image from the show "iCarly," in which some characters were labeled to represent how Petela feels about the train. However, this was not Petela’s first claim to fame. He had memed on the page before with much success.

Allison O’Connor, a member since her first year, posted a meme on Monday night that received more than 1,000 likes in just 20 hours. Her creation contains screenshots of emails she received that told her that, unfortunately, she had not been selected for the basketball lottery — five times in a row.

“I’ve been getting irritated week after week when I've submitted for the lottery and haven’t gotten a ticket,” O’Connor said. “I was complaining to some of my friends and I realized that all of my friends were in the same situation. I feel like the meme page is a good place to get your frustrations out in a funny way that’s relatable.”

A meme created by group member Ryan Combs currently has almost 2,000 likes. It is about technical difficulties students encounter on ConnectCarolina. 

Meme courtesy of Ryan Combs.

According to the meme, if you select “yes,” you are signed out, but if you select “no,” you are still going to be signed out.

Combs explained that he was getting a little frustrated with this issue one night and decided to use Snapchat to put the text onto a blank white screenshot.

Whenever anything significant on campus happens, Combs goes to the "Meme Stash," he said.

“Obviously like the water crisis, (N.C.) State scoring only 24 points, anything like that, I’ll check because people get pretty creative with it, so it’s pretty fun to see,” Combs said.

UNC is not the only school to have its own meme page. University of California, Berkeley, Duke University and many others also have collaborative meme Facebook groups, Petela said.

“I just think it’s funny when something that seems like not a big deal at the time happens, and then the meme page explodes about it. It’s really funny how creative people can be,” O’Connor said.

The page is also a great tool for procrastination, O’Connor said.

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