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Editorial: Can we get a new chancellor, please?

Kevin Guskiewicz should step up or step down.


Illustration by Liz Hornick.

Let’s face it: the administration dropped the ball on this whole reopening chaos. 

Our University needs someone who is forward-looking and not tied to antiquated ideals. In the past two years, UNC, with Kevin Guskiewicz at the helm, has proven that making progress is not on the agenda. From deals between the UNC System and the Sons of Confederate Veterans to botched COVID-19 plans, making the right decisions is clearly not the administration’s forte.

To be clear, Guskiewicz’s shoddy response to the pandemic is not the only thing he’s screwed up. We haven’t forgotten the many times he’s directly and indirectly sided with white supremacists, his continued disregard for the concerns of Black students or overall lack of support for graduate and campus workers. 

UNC has a troubled past — a long history of taking native land, enslavement and continued exclusion and racism (just to name a few). We deserve someone who will tackle these challenges head-on, not with another empty task force or commission.

Holden Thorp, Carol Folt and now Guskiewicz. Each of their legacies has been tainted by scandals they could have easily avoided — if not for a lack of a backbone and a broken moral compass.

With this in mind, the Editorial Board has compiled a list of campus figures who may be better suited to the role of chancellor:

  • The Winston Pooper.
  • Joann the crossing guard.
  • Rameses (the actual ram).
  • Rameses (the mascot).
  • The CholaNad chefs.
  • Hot Med Deli guy. (We miss you.)
  • Ben Pierpont, assistant night supervisor of Davis Library (aka the person behind the oh-so-familiar Davis closing announcement).
  • Benjamin Davis, affectionately known as the "yellow guy."
  • Guskiewicz's dog, Charlie “Choo Choo” Guskiewicz.
  • The spider statue.
  • The campus whistler.
  • Gary the pit preacher.
  • The former Babes who Blade moderators (RIP).

Let’s face it: the bar is literally on the floor. At this point, we'll take (almost) anyone. The chancellor of UNC has to carry the weight of our storied University, so a straw man won’t cut it. 

Oh, Gusky the “Genius” — for someone who knows so much about the brain, we find it surprising you never figured out you don’t have one. 

In all seriousness, though, we need someone who is dedicated to listening to students, supporting faculty and staff and ensuring the safety of all members of our community. Guskiewicz needs to step up or get out. Heading our University is no easy task, but shying away from responsibility just won’t cut it. Stop pushing blame onto students or forces out of your control. The chancellor actively shapes what happens at our University. If Guskiewicz can’t — or won’t — do it, he should resign.

Although Guskiewicz is just one member of the administration, he has the most power to make real change happen. He is regularly featured in national media, and serves as a personal embodiment of our University. We deserve someone who is willing to make difficult decisions to do what is right for the students and community they directly serve, not falter under the pressure of some distant board.

Guskiewicz, if you’re reading this: make some changes, or find someone who will.

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