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Editorial: Who to avoid at UNC

People sit on the steps and benches in front of South Building on Sunday, Sept. 12, 2020.

There are so many great people at UNC. But there are also some horrible ones. Ones that you should avoid at all costs. The Editorial Board presents: people you should steer clear of at UNC. 

That guy in your POLI recitation. We all know him. He’s a first-year, but a sophomore by credit hours. He thinks he’s saying something revolutionary every time he answers the teaching assistant’s questions, but he’s really just repeating the exact same thing a woman said literally one minute ago. He thinks he’s the new Samuel Huntington, Francis Fukuyama and John Mearsheimer all wrapped up in the perfect pasty package. But he is not. He’s just a guy who needs to learn when to stop speaking (or, in these times, when to mute himself on Zoom). 

People who still go to bars and parties DURING A PANDEMIC. We see your Instagram story. You’re not slick. Seven months ago, you were the public advocate for COVID-19 safety, and now you’re at He’s Not with 20 of your friends — none of whom are wearing a mask. News flash! We’re still in a pandemic!

People who don’t say thank you to the bus driver. The Chapel Hill Transit bus drivers are our heroes, especially now. They’re essential workers who are putting themselves at risk to take us where we need to go. The least you can do is thank them. 

People who walk slowly for no reason. Class transitions are a war zone. In those brief, fleeting moments between lectures, all hell breaks loose. There are no laws. No common decency. Everybody is lost in their own world, forgetting there are hundreds of people around them who all have somewhere to be. This is not social hour! We only have 15 minutes to get from Phillips to Genome so please, move it along, people! 

The ONE person taking up a huge table during the busiest hours at the dining hall. One person. Six chairs. Something doesn’t add up here. How are we supposed to bond with our suitemates over mediocre food if there’s nowhere to sit?

People in line ahead of you at The Meantime during rush hour. We want what you have.

People who talk loudly on the phone while riding the U. Girl! It’s 2 p.m. and I just got a 63 on my Geology 101 midterm!! Let me mourn in peace and SILENCE!!! PLEASE!!!!

People who have conversations on the upper floors of Davis. Everyone knows that the first and second floors are for socializing, and anything above that is for Serious Studying Only. We don't want to hear about the party you went to last night — we just want to pass this midterm. Thanks.

OK, maybe you think we’re bitter. But really, this article is just our way of coping with the fact that nothing is the same anymore (yes, this is a cry for help). Remember when the annoying guy who sat behind you in ECON 101 was the worst part of your day? Life was so simple back then. We were so naive. 


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