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Monday March 20th

UNC students look to vision boards to help manifest 2021 goals

DTH Photo Illustration. With the advent of a new year comes the creation of vision boards to help the creators manifest their goals for 2021.
Buy Photos DTH Photo Illustration. With the advent of a new year comes the creation of vision boards to help the creators manifest their goals for 2021.

With the start of the new year, students are hoping to reignite COVID-19-postponed goals, dreams and remember why they came to Chapel Hill in the first place. 

To begin the year and chart a path for a brighter semester, many have rediscovered the time-tested goal setting tool of vision boards – an artistic way to manifest one’s destiny.

In simplest terms, a vision board is a collection of images, ideas and goals artfully arranged as a visual reminder to remain focused on their attainment.

Vision boards have been around for decades in one form or another. Dream boards, action boards and other write-on resolution tools have seen their popularity rise and fall, usually coinciding with celebrity endorsement. 

The latest surge is thanks to social media trends and notable influencer approval including Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncé and Cardi B. 

UNC sophomore Max Lewin said he made a vision board to keep him motivated through 2021. He defined his goals, used broad black and white images to depict what he wanted to achieve and then hung his board above his bed as a reminder of his objectives. 

“2020 was obviously really hard, but I don't think that now that 2021 is here, everything is automatically going to change,” Lewin said. “I just wanted to think about what I envisioned for myself this year and how I can make it a really good year for me, and that’s why I wanted to have it as a visual.”

Emily Saunders, a sophomore biology student, felt a vision board was a good way to get motivated and out of the slump many feel during the long winter break with the pandemic still persisting.

“I have made a few New Year's resolutions,” Saunders said. “One is to exercise five times a week, so I considered putting some pictures of people working out on my board.”

Saunders said that Pinterest is an excellent source to find images for a vision board and a great space to easily organize them for inspiration. 

Sophomore Emily Matthews created her board as a form of manifesting and put things she envisioned herself doing in the future on the board.

“I’m a big believer in manifesting things,” Matthews said. “If you have something around you enough and are constantly forced to look at it all the time, you start to get it set in your head that these are the things you want, and then you start thinking about it more and it manifests into your life.”

Senior journalism major Lynne Chen looks at her digital vision board whenever she needs inspiration and feels it could provide direction for seniors in their final semester. 

“Since I’m a senior and graduating, a lot of my vision board is job-based,” Chen said. “I also included lots of travel-based images and friends and things I want to do since we haven't really gotten to do anything because of COVID. I'm hopeful this coming year will bring many better memories that I still will make safely.”

Whether you’re looking to get out of the first-year fatigue, sophomore slump, jumbles of junior year or are a senior searching for life after UNC, a vision board could empower you to achieve your goals and help dreams become reality. 


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