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Friday January 27th

Editorial: Revamp your study routine this year

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When summer comes to an end, getting back into the swing of school can be difficult. 

For most students, early morning classes and a growing list of assignments can be daunting. However, the jolt back to student life after a lengthy break doesn't have to be painful. To help you navigate your return to being a full-time student, the Editorial Board shares ways students can combat a loss of motivation and organization right in time for FDOC.

Organization and time management come easier to some than others. However, adopting new routines and habits can be helpful organization tools, even for those who struggle. 

The best way to stay on top of assignments and due dates is to invest in a paper planner or a planner app. 

Online agendas like myHomework can send reminders on assignments and lay out your workload for the week, all on one screen. Inputting each class' syllabus into your planner during the first week can help avoid the stress of adjusting to a new schedule.

Another helpful habit is separating your living area from your studying area. 

The comfort and coziness of our beds may feel impossible to leave at times, but relocating to the library, a coffee shop or any other dedicated study spot can help elevate productivity. Our bedrooms and living quarters are where we eat, sleep and binge-watch Netflix. Therefore, they can subconsciously keep our brains at that resting mentality. 

Whether it is getting fresh air on the quad while reading a book for class or grinding out a paper on the eighth floor of Davis Library, leaving your bed is a good option to revamp your productivity. 

Having social incentives to get work done can be helpful as well. Finding friends who are taking the same classes and working together on assignments is a great way to make connections and get resources. A go-to classmate to work on group projects could even become a new friend outside of class. 

For those of us who are more introverted or independent, finding personal incentives may be more effective. The digital Pomodoro timer is one example of a study tool in which you focus on your work for an interval of time with a short break to follow. 

Creating a reward or reason to get your work done can also be valuable, whether that’s scrolling on TikTok or treating yourself to an iced coffee. But the honest truth is that everyone must take the time to find out what is most effective for them. 

Aside from these tips for getting back into the swing of things, it's also important to prevent bad habits that summer break may have encouraged.

Summer classes, internships and jobs are great ways to keep up with time management and stay in the groove during summer break. Over shorter breaks like Thanksgiving or winter break, reading is another way to maintain those same habits.

Vacation time and breaks from school are well deserved and necessary to recharge from our stressful lives on campus. However, reducing the extreme differences in lifestyle from school breaks back to daily classes and assignments is the best way to bounce back from a break.

Keeping a steady routine and allowing your mind to stay buzzing and curious can create a more seamless transition into the next school year.


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