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Column: This is the most important midterm election of our generation.

Students table in the pit, offering to register voters on Sept. 15, 2022.

Republicans are proving, yet again, why this year’s midterm election cycle is one of the most important of our generation. It is absolutely necessary to show up and vote on Election Day.

We saw the writing on the wall. The foreshadowing of a rollback in several decades of progress unfolded earlier this summer. Republicans holding political office play by their own rules, then break those very rules when it lines their pockets or strengthens their hold on power. 

The GOP barred former President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee simply because he was nominated during an election year. Four years later, Republicans forgot their own rule and confirmed Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett — a flagrant conservative — onto the Court a full week before the presidential election. Republicans play dirty while Democrats remain apprehensive about breaking the rules. 

Hence, our current situation. 

If we are to codify the right to abortion and contraception – and institute the same protections for other landmark decisions like Obergefell, Casey and Griswold – this midterm election must be taken in stride. 

Conservative justices on the Supreme Court, such as Clarence Thomas, have made it abundantly clear that the word ‘precedent’ means nothing to them. In efforts to justify overturning Roe v. Wade, Associate Justice Samuel Alito alluded that abortion was a matter to be decided by the states. Those who support this recent decision and possible overturnings of these rulings argue the same. It seems easy to believe, except it isn’t. 

On Sept. 13, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) introduced a federal bill that would ban abortions after 15 weeks. How can you justify federally banning abortion and still claim it is a states' rights issue? You can’t. 

Far-reaching federal bans aren't very ‘states’ rights’ of Republicans. 

This was a disastrous decision on Graham’s part. This bill will hopelessly crash and burn in the Democrat-led House of Representatives and Senate. But at least he is able to feel like he accomplished something with this bill. Someone should give him a participation ribbon.

Graham’s announcement only clarified where Republicans actually stand on this national argument. It comes while his party’s momentum for the midterm election remains stagnant at best, with the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade playing a big role in that.

I don’t think everyone is paying attention to what their elected officials are voting for and against. 

Let us be clear – Democrats in Congress are pushovers. They do not adequately represent the perspectives of many young voters. My faith in the president is fickle. That being said, we can look to Joe Biden's comments at the Democratic National Committee's summer meeting for guidance:

Every single Republican voted against lowering prescription drug costs. Every single Republican voted against lowering healthcare costs. Every single Republication voted against tackling the climate crisis. Against lower energy cost. Against creating good-paying jobs. Against a fairer tax system.

Every single one.

To see where you’re able to vote, go to and click on the “How do I…” tab. There will be links on how to register to vote, how to find early voting locations and even how to apply for an absentee ballot by mail.

Biden said in the DNC summer meeting, “Now every single American needs to return the favor and vote them out of office.” So, let’s do exactly that.


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