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Triangle mediums provide healing, community

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Lynn ‘Magikcraft’ Swain was four years old when she discovered she was a medium. 

Now working out of her three metaphysical supply stores in the Triangle area, Swain is one of many local mediums who work in the local community. Though the specifics of their practices, beliefs and approaches vary, all use their services to help their clientele heal and grow as people.

Since she realized her abilities, Swain has read thousands of people, including extensive international clientele. She currently runs Quantum Soul in Chapel Hill and two other metaphysical supply stores in Hillsborough and Durham.

Swain’s work involves elevating her clients spiritually and helping them connect with their souls and with the universe — something she said expands far beyond the three-dimensional world most think about and perceive.

Swain said that 80 percent of the work she does in sessions with clients involves medium work, often communicating with the dead, or what she calls the "transitioned."

Melissa Peil, a long-distance psychic medium who travels to Rochester, N.Y., Boston, Seattle and Raleigh, said she perceives spiritual energy through images that play like a movie in her mind.

“It's interesting because there's so many labels for the same thing,” she said. “And, essentially, if we want to go into the science about it, which most people understand, it's really, essentially physics, because energy cannot be created nor destroyed, and it's all around us. We cannot see oxygen, but it's there. We just know it. We can feel it, we live on it.”

Peil started her business, Mystical Awakenings, in 2006. For years prior, she did medium work on the side, but when her clientele started to expand, Peil quit her job to work full time as a medium.

She said her job is to heal people in the community by reconnecting with their past loved ones and helping them realize their best path forward to live a better life.

Peil said her clients find her sessions healing and occasionally more effective than traditional therapy. 

“I'm able to really understand the traumas that they've been through, that most of these people don't talk about to anybody, but suddenly I see them, and I understand exactly where they've been, and more importantly, I help them really heal,” she said.

Kathy Williams is a psychic medium based out of Raleigh. She owns Deva Energy, a business which offers one-on-one sessions and various spiritual products, such as pendulums and crystals.

Williams said she helps people become the best version of themselves by giving them clarity about what’s holding them back. 

“We're spiritual beings having a human experience, and we're here to learn about love,” she said. “And people think it's about loving others. Well, that's secondary. We're here to learn about self-love. So as a medium, not only do I help give people closure about certain things in their life, but I also help them realize their life path.”

Williams is also a board certified behavior analyst who specializes in working with children suffering from neurological and behavioral disorders. 

Working in the field of psychology and being a medium has given her a more complex understanding of the relationship between mental, physical and spiritual health.

Stacey "The Black Feather Intuitive" Brown is an intuitive guide and channeler.

While Brown can channel loved ones who have passed, she does not specialize in medium work. Instead, Brown does tarot readings and channels energy from "archangels" — spiritual energies which inform her about her clients and how they can improve their lives.

Archangels are not to be confused with guardian angels, which are specific to the person. Rather, archangels are designed to guide all people, she said

Brown said the world is going through a major spiritual shift, and the archangels are more present than ever before. The world, she said, is shifting from a patriarchal society to a love-based society, where people celebrate their individuality and autonomy.

She said that people have come onto the planet to have interactive experiences that not only allow their souls to grow individually, but allow for collective healing.

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“The energies have lightened on the planet because people are saying, 'I don't want to live this unconscious life any longer,'” she said. “I want to be an active co-creator, I want to create the experiences that I have and I want to make this world a better place.”

Williams said that the more people can connect with themselves and their spiritual energy, the freer and more in tune with the world around them they will become.

“We all have gifts,” she said. “It’s whether or not we choose to acknowledge it or embrace it. But what I have found is people have been less likely to openly talk about it. And the more we connect, the bigger the community gets, and then we realize we really are all alike.”


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