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Monday October 25th


Chapel Hill Rockapella: UNC Cadence

Throughout the fall semester, Canvas will follow several of UNC’s student a cappella groups, looking and listening to what makes each unique.

In this second installment of the series, staff writer Robert McNeely looked at the devoted sisterhood of Cadence.

Musical adoration, community outreach and eccentric interplay are not only parts of Cadence — they form the entire foundation of its sisterhood.

Though one of the younger a cappella groups on UNC’s campus, all-female group Cadence has worked hard to set itself apart since first forming in 2003.

Currently comprised of 17 singers, the group operates as a close-knit democracy, celebrating the commonality as well as individuality of its members.

“It’s a group of women who are empowered and who aren’t afraid to be themselves,” said senior Elisabeth Jones, vice president of Cadence. “Everyone is a character — every single one. It’s like an awkward sitcom.”

Jones first joined Cadence as a transfer student in the fall of 2013. She said that the group’s buoyancy and inclusiveness made her transition between schools a far easier process.

“When you’re really close with a group, you just don’t have any barriers,” she said. “You don’t have to be in a box, you can just be yourself.”

Jones said the group fondly refers to its new members as “noodles,” and coined the term “troodles” to describe new members who are also transfer students.

Fellow “troodle” and junior political science major Valerie Christine Sauer said the group members’ close connections with one another is something that comes through in their music.

“Cadence brings together this hugely diverse group of people who all have this common love,” she said. “It’s a really genuinely caring environment, and I think that brings an intimate connection to (the music).”

Sauer said the group will have the opportunity to practice with its newest members over their retreat this weekend.

She described the experience as a time to bond with her fellow singers, and said her favorite piece in their current repertoire is their rendition of "Like a Prayer" by Madonna.

“That song showcases our personality so well,” Sauer said. “Not just because it’s dynamic, but it starts off so serious and then just breaks down. The beat boxer comes in, everybody dances and there’s at least some minor twerking going on.”

Partnering with the Campus Y as their official all-female a capella group, Cadence also makes a point to focus on philanthropy, signing on to perform at local elder care facilities and hospitals around the holiday season.

Of their numerous public and private gigs, the group always works towards performing their Cadence concert at the end of each semester. With this fall’s concert coming up on Nov. 7, Jones said the group’s enthusiasm will only increase.

“I think we’re more passionate about our shared music because we all care so much about music,” she said.

“Being in Cadence has shaped my Carolina experience the most, more than anything else I’ve tried to do. To be able to have this bond with people and share something has been incredible.”

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