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Tuesday November 29th


Q&A with David Mandelbaum

David Mandelbaum, artistic director of the New Yiddish Rep Theater company, adapted “Yosl Rakover Speaks to G-d” into a one man show, in which he stars. Staff Writer Mary Feddeman spoke with Mandelbaum about his inspiration for the show and what he hopes people will take from his performance of it Sunday.

PTA Thrift Shop's Bag Days yield affordable fashion

The PTA Thrift Shop became a creative bargain hunter’s paradise this weekend as it held its Bag Day Sales in anticipation of spring arrivals. The Chapel Hill thrift shop held the three-day event which encouraged customers to purchase a bag to fill with as many items as they liked.

East Chapel Hill High presents 'The Music Man'

Tonight, East Chapel Hill High School is saving souls. The school’s music theater program is performing Meredith Wilson’s classic musical, “The Music Man.” Showings are additionally Friday Mar 8, and Saturday Mar 9.

Literature club spreads S.O.U.L.

UNC’s Student Organization for Undergraduate Literature, S.O.U.L., held a meeting Tuesday celebrating the Caped Crusader — Batman. The meeting, in Greenlaw, set out to bring together lovers of the comics for a discussion of all things related to the famed superhero’s journey in both literature and film. While S.O.U.L.

UNC, Duke perform in Valentine's Day big band concert

It’s not often that you see UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke come together in an event that does not take place on a basketball court. Rivalries aside, both schools performed alongside North Carolina Central University for the 9th Annual Valentine’s Jazz Concert. “I liked how the three schools came together and got to contribute — that was really special,” said Amanda Stewart, a sophomore. Duke’s jazz ensemble kicked off the event and included many toe-tapping numbers, including “Mack the Knife,” a song made famous by esteemed jazz musician Louis Armstrong in 1956.