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Monday November 28th


Wednesday Roundup (09/29 - 10/06): Or, Canvas has ideas about how to avoid the rain by staying inside and being artsy

We here at Canvas don’t usually read the weather report — made some design changes that we just couldn’t stand — but our acute senses indicate that it has been raining a lot in recent days. One of the best things about the Arts is that you can enjoy them from the comfort of an interior. Check the Roundup and avoid the rain.

"Dynamic Korea" makes for pretty pictures

Canvas wouldn’t be Canvas if it didn’t have scores of lovely pictures. Check out our newest gallery of photos from Tuesday’s “Dynamic Korea: Dance and Song.”

By-The-Numbers: The Student Recreation Center

I’ve decided to start posting BTN every two weeks rather than each week. I would hate to dilute the product and at this rate I would run out of places to observe. Who wants to read “By-The-Numbers: My Dorm Room” because I ran out of places to write about?

What's up with Earl Scruggs?

After being hospitalized Wednesday night and missing his own show at Memorial Hall, Earl Scruggs is said to be “doing fine.” His fans, however, are still reeling.