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Saturday May 28th


Movie short: Jack the Giant Slayer

Fee. Fie. Fo. Fum. “Jack the Giant Slayer” tears through theaters, crushing the doubts of anybody afraid of another dull children’s story remake. The movie brings an old story to new heights.

The film takes on a new perspective of the classic fairy tale. Jack (Nicholas Hoult) is a starry-eyed farm boy who is finagled into trading his horse for magic beans. The power of the special beans comes from their ability to grow a bean stalk so high that it reaches to the skies where the legendary giants live.

When Princess Isabelle (Eleanor Tomlinson) takes shelter in Jack’s house from a storm, one of the magic beans get wet, growing a stalk that sends the house with her in it flying. Jack joins in the quest to save her and protect the land from another descent of the destructive giants down the stalk.

Once again Stanley Tucci, with another strange hairdo, finds himself in a charismatic role. As one of the antagonists in the film, he is very good at making audiences dislike his character, but enjoy his acting. However, he is not alone in his strange hair formations and distinct acting. Ewan McGregor plays another knight, yet this time his luster is covered by his role as protector of the princess. He is really good at playing his character, but he’s extraneous.

In general, the special effects in “Jack the Giant Slayer” were spectacular. The giants are as realistic as fantastical characters could be, and the beanstalk is a beautiful living entity of a plant.

However, the costumes were too extravagant. From the man with the curlicue mustache and misplaced feathers to the king who looked like a giant yellow canary wearing a robe, there are barely any realistic qualities to them. They don’t adhere enough to the period of knights in shining armor and damsels in distress.

Despite the predictability of the film, easily knowing the fate of Jack and Isabelle, “Jack the Giant Slayer” is very enjoyable. It warms the hearts of audiences while keeping them on the edges of their seats. The movie teaches that with a great attitude and a little bit of magic, life is an adventure worth traveling.

Dive Verdict: ?????

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