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Thursday May 19th


Gray Young heats up with Bon?re

UNC-CH alumnus Dan Grinder, bassist of the Raleigh-based band Gray Young, understands too well the struggle for attention when you’re a band-on-the-move during March Madness.

Q&A with bluegrass group Deep Chatham

Deep Chatham is a folk and bluegrass group out of Asheville that’s celebrating the release of its second album, Flood, this weekend. The band characterizes its grassroots ferocity as “rabbit folk,” with influences ranging from traditional bluegrass to punk rock. Diversions Staff writer Charlie Shelton talked to the band about the new album, how they got here and the road to come.

Chapel Hill hip-hop duo Analog Rascals carve their own niche

Rapper-producer tag team Analog Rascals burst into Chapel Hill’s music scene this month with the one-two punch of singles “gringo starbuxxx” and “Angel Up,” the latter of which features Peter Vance of Morning Brigade. Keeping an aggressive schedule, the duo plans to release its debut album, No Linger in the Past, on April 1, along with a third video.

TV Review: Want to become a gladiator? It’s simple: watch ‘Scandal’

It just seems like yesterday that I was putting off the inevitable midterm paper by scrolling through various actor and TV show pages on when I came upon ‘Scandal’: a new drama from the brilliant creator of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Shonda Rhimes. The pilot episode had been posted online before its actual debut (sort of a testing the waters situation to see if the show will even get a full season renewal). I watched it.

Baking away the lingering winter blues

In respect to the (hopeful) end of the bipolar weather that encapsulates springtime here in beautiful N.C., I feel it prudent to include a final feel-good cold weather recipe for all of you to enjoy: Hot Chocolate cookies.

Dive Recommends: March 22-28

Friday, March 22 Blood Red River Local 506, Chapel Hill Doors 9 p.m., Show 9:30 p.m., $10 Blood Red River along with New Town Drunks, Phatlynx and Infidels is playing at the Norton Records Benefit to raise money to restore Norton Records’ warehouse after Hurricane Sandy swept through the east coast.

Behind the Reel: What Not to Watch

Each week, Dive brings you “Behind the Reel,” a weekly blog where staff writers provide commentary on all things related to the film industry. Staff writer Alexandria Agbaje writes about the sub par films she was recently subjected to over spring break.

Music Review: Birds and Arrows

When listening to Birds and Arrows’ latest album, it isn’t hard to get swept away by breezes of nostalgia and romance as the voices of Andrea and Pete Connolly create the perfect matrimony of harmony.

Music short: The Apache Relay 'American Nomad'

American Nomad, the latest from folk rockers The Apache Relay, promises much in the vein of alt-country arrangements and rootsy instrumentation. However, the album falls short where it counts — in its songwriting. Dive Verdict: ?????

Music short: William Tyler 'Impossible Truth'

In his second release, Impossible Truth, Nashville-based guitarist William Tyler dazzles with complex acoustic fingerpicking that transports listeners from a grim apocalyptic reality to a dreamlike escape — only to bring them back down, all without uttering a word. Dive Verdict: ????1/2

Movie short: 'Oz the Great and Powerful'

“The Wizard of Oz” is that classic obligatory movie we always watch during the holiday season. Despite the wizard being the go-to guy for Dorothy in the film, the origins of the man behind the curtain were unknown until now. Dive Verdict: ??1/2

Q&A with Parenthetical Girls

Parenthetical Girls of Portland, Ore. specializes in complex, baroque-influenced pop. Its latest project, Privilege, was released in a series of EPs that, pieced together and abridged, made a complete album. Singer and songwriter Zac Pennington spoke with staff writer Bo McMillan about the blood, sweat and tears of Privilege.

One girl's thoughts on Girls

I discovered “Girls” at an unfortunate time: ten months after the release of the series’ pilot episode and the week of all of my midterms. Spoiler Alert: This post includes plot content from the most recent episodes of Girls

Cooking with the luck of the Irish

This weekend, with St. Patty’s Day in my heart, a sickness keeping me at home, time on my hands, and the luxury of a full kitchen, I decided to experiment and create a homemade version of one of my favorite things to eat — scones.

South By Spring Break: Day 1 Recap

For my first full day at SXSW, I had no idea what to do. Mixing up some day party dates meant that my first event of the day was Lemuria, which ended up being a happy accident.

Dive Recommends: March 8-16

Friday, March 8 The Dead Tongues with Schooner Kings Barcade, Raleigh Doors open 9 p.m, show 9:30, $6 This fabulous double bill pairs two of the Triangle’s most accomplished acts.

Movie Review: 56 Up

As heartwarming as it is haunting, “56 Up” documents numerous aspects of life from varying perspectives.