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Saturday August 13th


Movie short: 21 and Over

“21 and Over” is the failed attempt at trying to capture the magic of the 21st birthday rite of passage. The film tries to bottle the formula of “Animal House” and “The Hangover” into one outrageous college comedy but can’t quite get it right. Dive Verdict: ?????

Movie short: Jack the Giant Slayer

Fee. Fie. Fo. Fum. “Jack the Giant Slayer” tears through theaters, crushing the doubts of anybody afraid of another dull children’s story remake. The movie brings an old story to new heights. Dive Verdict: ?????

Movie short: Barbara

Hedda Gabler. Madame Bovary. Anna Karenina. Just three of countless stories titled after complex female protagonists from Europe. Their very mention carries the air of sophistication with which they’re praised, which itself carries that slight whiff of disdain for those who don’t “get” it (read: like it). Dive Verdict: ?????

Music short: Baobab 'BAYOHBAHB'

Wouldn’t the world be a fantastic place if each of us had the ability to craft a great album on a whim? Baobab’s Phil Torres makes it look easy. Listening to BAYOHBAHB, one forgets that the record is essentially a solo project. Dive Verdict: ?????

Music short: Golden Grrrls

Golden Grrrls’ hotly anticipated debut album is a collection of simple pop songs, all sweet, concise and insanely catchy melodies displaying the best of this dynamic trio. Dive Verdict: ?????

Music short: Toddlers '19 EP'

There’s something invigorating about exploring any sort of unknown. On the Toddlers’ 19 EP, maybe it’s Nathan Toben’s soaring and powerful croon a la Roy Orbison, the tangled layers of instrumentation that balance delicacy with harshness or the overall mesmerizing and melancholic breed of “pop noir” that perpetuates a sense of mystery in the best way possible. Dive Verdict: ?????

Music short: Gray Young 'Bonfire'

Highly reminiscent of post-rock groups Explosions in the Sky and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Gray Young’s latest release Bonfire is a grungy, ethereal mix of instrumentals and sparse vocals. Dive Verdict: ?????

Q&A with Toddlers

Triangle band Toddlers released its 19 EP last month. The quartet’s brooding, expansive pop is highlighted by band leader Nathan Toben’s signature croon.

Concert Review: Bombadil

Outfitted in matching white suits and ties, folk-pop band , Bombadil performed at the Cat’s Cradle Saturday, March 2, debuting tracks off its new record and playing many fan favorites.

Bands go old-school and return to tapes

Cassette tapes staging a comeback: At a glance it sounds like a Portlandia sketch, but pause to consider the idea. According to local labels and musicians, tapes are still alive and hissing.

Movie Review: Safe Haven

The yearly Nicholas Sparks book-turned-movie has arrived with “Safe Haven.” After the success of “The Notebook” and “Dear John”, Hollywood is churning out these moneymakers as quickly as possible. “Safe Haven” is Sparks’ attempt at shying away from the tragic romance plot and moving into a much more thrilling romance roller coaster. Dive Verdict: ?????

Music review: MV & EE

MV & EE’s new release, Fuzzweed, is a cosmic experimental mix of instruments, effects and styles that range from abstracted reverb to twangy blues. The Vermont-based duo’s combination of electronic effects and acoustic elements give a simultaneously grounding and illusory feel. Dive verdict: ?????

Q&A with Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco, known for his wild and loose rock ‘n’ roll tunes, has taken the indie world by storm with his record 2. He talked to Diversions Editor Allison Hussey about his strange tour happenings, road life and his latest music video.