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Monday May 16th


Music Review: Holopaw

Academy Songs, Volume 1 shows Holopaw at its best, interweaving lyrical tales of schoolboy discovery with intimate acoustic and electric guitar melodies. Indie Rock Dive Verdict: ?????

Bigelow’s latest film reveals the truth from behind the classified

Unless you’ve lived in a cave these past few years, you know exactly what happened to Osama Bin Laden on May 1, 2011. But unless you’ve staked out international CIA operation bases these past 10 years, you really have no idea how it happened. Audiences for “Zero Dark Thirty” only care about the second part, and that’s all they get — no more, no less. This is why the controversial project is more than just a movie. It’s staged journalism at its very best, driven by intense urgency to pose questions about the smaller details — not the larger story — of the greatest manhunt in American history. If only for the stellar performances and stylistic nuances that bring these questions front and center, this film needs to be seen. Dive verdict: ?????

Roe turns 40 — ready to party?

Music and politics have a long, tangled history — it’s easy to find one within the other. It was barely two months ago that the likes of Meat Loaf and Ted Nugent were pulling for Mitt Romney, while James Taylor and a bevy of pop stars rooted hard and loud for Barack Obama.

Movie short: Gangster Squad

“Gangster Squad” takes audiences on an emotional roller coaster and breaks the line between right and wrong, bringing about a new perspective on killing. Dive verdict: ???½

Music short: Know Your Clouds, Jphono 1

John Harrison is a Triangle institution. He plays with The Evil Tenors and North Elementary and shares stages regularly with the area’s finest; you can find his fingerprints everywhere if you look for them. But his most aberrant — and rewarding — work, he saves for his solo act, Jphono1. Dive verdict: ???½

Q&A with Defacto Thezpian

Defacto Thezpian (Raheem Royal) is a rapping act. He’s also an actor that raps — pretty well actually. Staff writer Mballa Mendouga spoke to the humorous rapper about his interesting stage name, his coining of the word ‘schnozy,’ his debut album Adolescent Thoughts and the release party Friday night at The Pinhook in Durham. Album Release show Time: 10 p.m Friday Location: The Pinhook, 117 W. Main St., Durham Info:

Music short: Fade, Yo La Tengo

For nearly 30 years, indie rock veterans Yo La Tengo have been wowing critics and fans alike with its dynamic song formats. Ranging from brooding ballads to feedback-inducing fuzz guitar jams, the band’s recorded output has remained extremely versatile throughout its career. In a music industry that has become increasingly fractured and dependent on exclusive “scenes,” Yo La Tengo’s inherent flexibility is praiseworthy in its own right. Dive verdict: ?????

Movie Review: Les Misérables

Tom Hooper’s “Les Misérables” lacks subtlety, dialogue, and editing (158 minutes is, in fact, uncomfortably long), however, certain actors and moments and the epic nature of the project make it worth the price of admission. Dive Verdict: ???

Music Review: Solange

You’re a little fish. Or maybe you’re a big fish, it doesn’t really matter. Solange’s latest EP True has just the right bait — but there’s no hook. True R&B Dive Verdict: ??1/2

Music Review: Spider Bags

My first experience with Chapel Hill’s Spider Bags was brash, boisterous and, most importantly, loud. Shake My Head Garage Rock Dive Verdict: ????

Movie Review: Django Unchained

There are always three things to expect when viewing a Quentin Tarantino film — debatable humor, violence and most of all, revenge. Dive Verdict: ????1/2

Q&A with Dan McGee of Spider Bags

A former truck driver who grew up in New Jersey, Dan McGee is the guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for the Chapel Hill-based rock band Spider Bags. The band’s latest record, Shake My Head, has earned acclaim across the Triangle for its raucous rock that guarantees a good time. McGee talked to Dive staff writer Alex Dixon about wine, the Chapel Hill music scene, and delivering toilet paper to members of popular indie bands. Spider Bags will perform with Gross Ghost Tuesday in Durham.

Bidding adieu to a show on food

In November, the series “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations” came to a close, wrapping up after seven years of exploring the global sphere of food and culture. After 142 episodes, host Anthony Bourdain decided to call it a day, moving to pursue his series “The Layover” as well as his upcoming shows “The Taste” and “Parts Unknown.”

Movie Review: Life of Pi

Pi Patel’s journey is described as one “that would make you believe in God.” Although Ang Lee’s “Life of Pi” probably won’t have this effect on the majority of its viewers, it will definitely make audience members believe in the power of good actors and amazing graphics. Dive Verdict: ???1/2

Movie Review: Anna Karenina

“Anna Karenina,” based off Leo Tolstoy’s classic novel, has now been put in the hands of director Joe Wright, who has been known for his period piece hits over the years like “Atonement” and “Pride and Prejudice.” Oscar buzz has already been surrounding this fresh take on the legendary book — and rightly so, as “Anna Karenina” is an artistic spectacle that should be seen by all. Dive Verdict: ????