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Tuesday September 21st

DTH at a Glance

DTH at a Glance: Brb making spring break plans

My spring breaks have been largely uneventful. Typically, I go home and vegetate for a week, only leaving my house to make trips to Chick-Fil-A and take my dog on a walk. 

My sophomore year, I went to NYC with a friend for a few days, where I promptly got the flu two days into the trip. Determined as I was to fend off my sickness by sheer force of will, I felt like Death by the time I was flying home to Alabama. 

My flight was delayed, and delayed again, and delayed again. By the time I finally landed in Detroit to make my connecting flight, I thought my plane was already boarding. I ran through the airport screeching and sweating, until I finally got to my gate. Then I realized that that flight had been delayed another two hours. 

In one of the lower moments of my life, I promptly fell asleep on the floor of the airport. Part of me thinks that I'm still in that airport, I waited so long. Waiting forever. 

Which is also what I'll be doing this spring break, only outside the Smith Center, where I'll be waiting to get into the Duke game. Check out the date for that game, as well as for the rest of basketball season, here. 

Making a statement 

On a meeting with the Community Policing Advisory Committee on Tuesday night, many members of the community spoke about recent policing at UNC's Silent Sam protests. Several expressed anger about the use of pepper foggers, smoke bombs and what some referred to as "oppressive policing" as recent demonstrations.  

Making landfall 

Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall today, and many areas around the community are subject to flooding. On Tuesday, the Town of Chapel Hill listed in a press release the areas that were most prone to flooding. 

Currently, about 400 refugees live in the Chapel Hill and Carrboro area, and for some, the information dispelled about Hurricane Florence has been missed due to a language barrier. Read more here about how some community organizations are working to make the information, and preparation needed, more accessible. 

For some living in mobile homes, waiting out to see how bad the hurricane is seems like the best option.  Others fear that their homes will be completely destroyed. But for the entire park, residents still hadn't heard any information from their landlord as of Wednesday. Most information about the hurricane is spreading by word of mouth, and residents are unsure of how safe their community is. 

Things to do 

Today, we handed the aux cord to our sports editor, Chris. Check out his Office DJ playlist here for the backdrop to your Friday. 

And one more thing 

Because of the storm, the DTH will not be printing today. Check out the note from our editor about our online and social media storm updates here. 

"I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen."

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