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Sunday September 26th

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Starbucks offers new 31 ounce cup

Starbucks has decided to feed their coffee-thirsty customers with what they want most: more coffee.

How will the company accomplish this feat? With a new 31 ounce size cup, also known as the size Trenta — Italian for 30.

The Trenta cup size will be available at all Starbucks coffee shops by May 3. It is now available in fourteen states, including North Carolina.

The cup will cost 50 cents more than the 24 ounce Venti, which was the largest cup available before the new addition.
How are students reacting to the new-comer?

“I drink lots of coffee,” said Vanessa Cross, a freshman biology major at UNC, “But I think that it is way too big. Nobody should be able to drink that much coffee in one sitting.”

Shadiecsa Mason, a freshman nursing major at UNC, agreed with Cross about the unhealthy repercussions from drinking too much coffee.

“I think it depends on how much you drink. It’s helpful, but I don’t necessarily think you should drink it several times a day,” Mason said.

“My mom gets really irritable if she doesn’t get her coffee.”
The Trenta size stemmed from customer demand for larger cold beverages and from competing companies such as McDonald’s McCafe, reported ABC news.

Customers will only be able to purchase the 31 ounce size for cold beverages.

“I think it is still too much caffeine either way – whether it’s hot or cold, it’s still coffee,” said Cross.

“People should be able to limit how much they drink, but Starbucks is going to sell it to us as long as we’re willing to buy,” she said.

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